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      Dear Visitors!

      Accents Ireland Ltd offer translation of any kind documents from and into different languages. 

     Documents: from one page letter to computer & software manuals, legal contracts 

    and  tenders, from general information to technical and scientific matters. 

    We will meet all your requirements. Please ask.

      Languages: most European languages in any direction and many other languages, for example:

Eastern European  of former Soviet Union Baltics 
Albanian Armenian   Azerbaijani Estonian
Bosnian  Bulgarian Belarussian / Byelorussian Latvian  Lithuanian
Croatian  Georgian  
Hungarian Kazakh  Kyrgyz  Scandinavian
Polish Russian Danish  Finnish  
Romanian Tajik  Turkmen  Icelandic
Serbian  Slovak Ukrainian Norwegian
Slovenian Uzbek Swedish
other Western European    
Dutch  English  French  German  
Flemish  Italian Portuguese Spanish
Greek  Turkish    
Asian   of India
Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) Hindi  Punjabi
Japanese Indonesian Tamil
Korean Vietnamese Urdu
Other languages:  Please ask.  

    We accept and deliver documents as hard copy or electronic files by post, by fax, via e-mail and ftp      and files of various formats: MS Word/Office 95, 98, 2000; FrameMaker, PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Lotus, plain text, RTF, PDF.

    We can create PDF files from your documents.

    We offer laser printing of your documents in black and white or in full color up to A4 size and up to     1,200 x 1,200 dpi (b/w and color).

    Just let us know your requirements and we will provide you with a best available solution.

    Thank you!

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