The Belfast Islamic Centre

Masjid Jami' Belfast (BIC)

The Belfast Islamic Centre (BIC), formally set up in 1977, is the largest Mosque in Northern Ireland. The Muslim community in Northern Ireland comes from various background from around the world including the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, the Indian sub-continent and the local people. Praise be to Allah, the Muslims here live together harmoniously. The Islamic Centre is run by an elected committee. This committee is elected every 2 years.

The Mosque caters the needs of the entire Muslim population in Northern Ireland which is estimated at about 3000 Muslims. The Daily prayers, Friday Prayers, Eid prayers, Funeral prayers & Tarawih prayers are among the essential activities held in the centre. The Mosque also organises some social programmes for the community such as the Monthly Gatherings, Weekly English & Arabic & Women's Study circles and the Annual Young Muslims Gathering. The Mosque also conducts Nikah procedures for marriages, which is then followed by legal registration from the Belfast City Hall.

The Belfast Islamic Centre has good relations with the establishment and other bodies in Northern Ireland which includes the Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum, Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minority (NICEM) & Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Equality (NICEE) & Queens University Belfast.

The Belfast Islamic Centre is in very close contact with other Mosques particularly the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland and London and Islamic institutions across Europe including the UK Shari'ah Council and the Council of Islamic Co-operation of Europe and Muslims Council of Britain.

Currently the Belfast Islamic Centre is collecting funds to build a larger Mosque to accommodate the growing needs of the Muslim community in Northern Ireland.

The Belfast Mosque website was founded in 1995 and is arguably one of the first mosque to enter cyberspace; contains information on Islam and Q&A by the late Dr ad-Darsh, chairman of the UK Islamic Shari'ah Council. Also home to BICNews, an excellent global news and Islamic feature service through mailing list. It also stores contemporary & lively articles.

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