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MR. AHMAD FAIZ BIN ABDUL RAHMAN is the Assistant Director of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST). He was also a Research Fellow at the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM), one of Malaysia's think tanks that looks into Islamic related issues.

He holds a LL.B (Hons) in Law from Lancaster University, a Postgraduate Dip. in Islamic Studies (DIS) and a Master of Comparative Laws (MCL) from the International Islamic University (IIU), Malaysia.

Selected BICNews Articles - sorted by date

Of Terrorism and Double Standards
Malaysia: Islamic as Best We Can
Still Grasping Straws
Plagiarism Over the Internet: A Way to Cheat Oneself?
The Likud Finally Gets Its Way
Esposito: Do not be too Quick to Draw the Bid'a Gun Against the Sheikh al-Azhar
Islam's Grips Tightens as Malaysia's Boom Ends?
Israelis are Not Our Teachers
Divine Tribulations in Southeast Asia
Ironies of Foreign Correspondents Over SEA Crises
"Old Man of the Mountain" Netanyahu
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Huntington Has a Change of Heart?
Oslo Human Rights Conference
What is Wrong with this Picture?
Oslo Human Rights Conference a Success
Pressing for Democratic Reforms in the UN
The Thoughts of Marina
A Global Depression Over the Horizon
Bringing the Zionist Enterprise to Justice
Book Review: Islam & Current Issues: Views of Qaradawi
Malaysian Laws on Apostasy Inadequate
"Constructive Engagement" with Algeria?
When 'Liberte' No longer Concerns Truth
The ICJ on Trial
Moslems, Hindus clash in Malaysia: What Reuters Failed to Report
Obstacles to Bridge-building: Europe and Islam
Fund Management: A New Form of Tyranny
An Apocalyptic Vision of Speculators
New US Act May Promote Persecution Instead
Social Unrest in Indonesia Avoidable
West Deliberately Prolonging Crisis
"Islamic Bomb" Not Ideal but Inevitable
The Restoration of Democracy in Nigeria
Dr. Amien Rais on Democracy and Reform in Indonesia
Human Rights and Free Speech on the Internet
Internet Indispensable in the Media Age
Rethinking Jebat
Remaining "True" to Championing Underdogs but Hating Them All the Same - "The Siege"
US, Iraq & Weapons of Mass Destruction
No Religious Justification for Burning Churches and Mosques
Reflections on the UN Financial Crisis
"Might is Right" is all There is: The US Bombing of Iraq
No More Excuses for Not Lifting Sanctions
Liwat is not Sodomy Per Se
Justice and Solidarity in the Third Millennium

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