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Islam - The Freedom to Serve:
Suhbats, Aphorisms and Stories

By: Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al Haqqani

Reviewed by: Salim Spohr

Broadcasted on BICNews 20 September 1997

Bonndorf in the Black Forest (Germany) 1997
Gorski & Spohr Publishers
ISBN 3-927606-15-4

The first collection of Sheikh Nazim1s lectures (suhbats, aphorisms and stories), in English by the publishers Gorski and Spohr. The paper, typography and cover design are of excellent quality and the appearance of the book as a whole is very pleasing.

Certainty can only be reached by your spiritual being. There is a bridge to your spiritual being. This bridge between your physical and your spiritual being is faith. Without faith, there is no connection between you and your higher self. Without faith, you are disconnected within yourself. If you deny the necessity of faith, it means that you prefer to remain imprisoned in your physical being and to let go of your spiritual being. Then, your physical body will become dust and your soul will flutter around helplessly. Darkness, despair and misery will fall on you and after your death you will have no feet to put on the bridge.

This little book, taken from Sheikh Nazim1s lectures to his pupils, forces us to think deeply about where we are in our psychological and spiritual world. It is written in simple prose which is easy to understand and which still keeps the character of the Master's straightforward style. Its direct teaching abour humility, honesty and sincerity with oneself, respect for others, obedience and love of God provide a clear message. This message, which has been brought to mankind by all the Prophets, is becoming more and more necessary in today's world of materialism and unbelief, where more and more people suffer from depression and cannot comprehend the meaning of life.

With best wishes
maa salam,

from The Black Forest in Germany
Salim Spohr    
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