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Irrelevant Leadership of the Ummah

is there a way out?

Now that the United States of America has declared and carried out acts of war extraterritorially, the new world order is about to take shape in the form of total US hegemony. The very opposite but equally disastrous as the "domino theory" has begun. The various international and world order institutions has not only gradually but suddenly been set aside and put totally out of the picture of world peace and diplomacy. The so called "green peril" theory put forward by the most conniving anti-Islam policy makers has resurfaced in the most potent form after years of subterfuge development and covert propaganda and subtle deceit, lies, double dealings and treachery. The Western media displays, disinformation and misinformation has built up the idea of a clash of civilisations into the battle of the new terror - adherents of the only true and profoundly consistently resolute religion called Islam.

This has left the leaders of most Muslim nations high and dry driven into a chasm depriving them of representing their own masses. None has spoken out forthrightly and no concerted action taken with Muslim institutions and alignments in disarray. Obviously they, the present leadership of the Muslim World has been bound by the intricate and complex situation of interdependence and fractious instability. Who will ever help them to find the way out of this humiliating mess and really lead the nation into the approaching future free from being picked upon by vicious and cunning "imperialist vultures". This movement to resuscitate and reinvigorate the ummah must be given the uplift and push to last the distance.

In the short term though, the only declared nuclear capable Pakistan must beware, theirs is the only "terrorists'" nuclear power waiting to be devastated. The unexploded cruise missile which landed on Pakistani territory may not be accidental or unintended. It may well be a warning that it maybe the next target if there is the slightest hint of "terrorism" ie. not toeing the line of the US of A.

It is in such times that the only recourse is the path to seek Allah's help for seeing the numbers, the figures, the geo politics, the dominating economics, the overbearing culture and the technological sophistication, we are at a lost. The ummah especially the leadership has to solidly and intimately accept that the only remedy is the revival, resurgence, the movement for an Islamic Renaissance. At the very least the direction of the struggle , the plan and ultimate goal is clear to all of the Muslim nations and their peoples. It may be a lengthy process and full of challenges and pitfalls but we are sure that it is the path that will prevail and the only one that has Allah's blessings.

Hamdan Muhammad Hassan

27 August 1998.

[Currently, he is a Senior Civil Engineer at the University Science of Malaysia. He is involved in youth activities with the Muslim Youth Movement in Malaysia. He is also the President for the Muslim Staff Association in his university.]

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