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How long must this be going on?

Walid Mahmoud Al-Qawasmi became the 20th Palestinian to die in Palestine Authority custody. He died at the hands of PA's General Intelligence Service (GIS), one of the PA's 11 intelligence forces that operate in the Occupied Territories. How abject and subverted can a nation's own authority betray and treacherously mislead the Palestinian people? Are they not oppressed enough to suffer such humiliation and insult at the hands on the Israelis? Now they are made to be tortured and die in the hands of their own brethrens? Who do they think they are fooling by engaging in such despicable deeds, deep in corruption and collusion with the enemy?

We can only observe this calamity that has befallen the Palestinian people out of their own choice, their desire to prolong a totally politically bankrupt PLO regime of cronies. The people which by their own selves had risen to challenge the myth of Israel's invincibility only to be ruled by a gang of collaborators and thieves. A gang that has lost touch with good governance and democracy. A group of old men who has never planned anything that could last later than themselves as if they would lead forever however detached they are from the very people they said they would free. The Palestinians are squarely to be blamed for not being able to free themselves from a formulation which has no means or ends which is directly opposed the the staunchly adamant Israeli ideal.

It is time for the Palestinians to free themselves from the clutches and chains that they have put upon themselves. No amount of intelligence services or spies or severe repression can stop a revolution especially one which elevates the minds and purifies the hearts of the people. The leaders of this revolution will be the ones which will offer themselves in its noble cause without seeking any reward without any attachments. The Palestinians ought to look for these leaders and to develop them for the future for it is the sincerity and the commitment of those in the intifada that brought back the cause of Palestine into the limelight and the sacrifices will have to go on until real victory is granted.

Hamdan Muhammad Hassan

27 August 1998.

[Currently, he is a Senior Civil Engineer at the University Science of Malaysia. He is involved in youth activities with the Muslim Youth Movement in Malaysia. He is also the President for the Muslim Staff Association in his university.]

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