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The Americans are Coming!!!!

In the yesteryears of the Cold War and in the era of make believe, the phenomenon of megamyth and metadeath reared its ugly head. Throughout the third world, American influence manifested itself as the foreboding power behind the scenes scheming and puppeteering to dominate more and more of the "liberated" lands and nations. The contest was bitter and the victimised pawns were the poor subjects of tyranny East and West. In the end The West prevailed over dissembled communist states who were completely disarrayed, disintegrated or politically fragmented.

Now it is left to the many "developing' nations who are barely surviving and struggling to find ways out of their sad predicament. The USA ,of course, in a way is quite justified when it sees and treasures democracy, freedom and liberalization as the way out of that mess. It itself became powerful out of its democratic process and liberty though many had to fight it out until the late sixties to become free. Alas, it sees itself as the dominant political force and model system for peace and prosperity. It is indeed multi-racial and multicultural, no doubt and the "choice" at the end of history, some would say.

So it was when the time came for it to make its play in Malaysia, it decided to take the high road showing itself as it usually should be as the supporter and friend of fledgling democrats and reformists. With all the pent up hatred and spite against the the USA bottled up here and anywhere else, no wonder it , the US, has been made into the beast. Now everything is underway to brand all who cherish freedom and liberty to be CIA agents, what a travesty! How unjust can a desperate regime get? Because the USA to Muslims is like Iran is to the West, a plausible excuse and an expendable punching bag.

Let's attempt to ponder at what is perceived to be American and Western moves onto the present Malaysian crisis. It is not surprising that American foreign policy and its corresponding media are being directed in this area because a situation has developed which allows them being the most powerful democracy to influence or exploit, whichever view we take. Sheikh Dr Yusuf Qaradawi lamented in his fatwa on the present situation his regret that our Malaysian Muslim leadership fallout has caused such a degenerated political condition whereby opening itself up to Zionist and imperialist schemes and the Sheikh wished that the leadership could revert back and make amends. Iranian newspapers also suggested that Dr Mahathir reverses his decision and Iranian editors even stated that they have never in recent history agreed with America except in this present Malaysian crisis in seeking justice for Anwar Ibrahim.

As is obvious only Western democracies voice out and have the vast array of the international media and political clout to portray themselves in the forefront in seeking justice and human rights. There has been quite a change too because even Asian countries are also voicing concern but in a more discreet way. However unfortunate, this is the reality at the moment since Muslim countries are down right undemocratic, pathetic, too reserved or are also afraid of the call for reform. Some may not even have access to the media. Although we know that most Muslim governments, leaders and their peoples sympathise very much with Anwar Ibrahim's plight.

What is particularly unique is the common voice seeking justice and reform amongst Muslims and Westerners and how well Anwar is known to friends all over the world. Even Filipino Christians and Muslim Moros call him their friend! Demented people over here try to use his charisma and friendship abilities (especially with the West) to taint him as a traitor. This is far from the truth and a grave injustice when all along he has been calling and preaching for dialogue and understanding between all civilisations, nations and peoples. It must render and tear our hearts to see power crazy dictators use his relationships with friends to destroy his character and assassinate his honour. His family, friends and supporters are being pushed and harassed and even the wife is reportedly to be under restrictions. No wonder the "champion" and "leader" of the free world wants to steal the show. It is because we Muslims still cannot or are still reluctant to get to the centre stage in world politics and diplomacy.

Hamdan Muhammad Hassan

17 December 1998.

[Currently, he is a Senior Civil Engineer at the University Science of Malaysia. He is involved in youth activities with the Muslim Youth Movement in Malaysia. He is also the President for the Muslim Staff Association in his university.]

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