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Please end the Callous Bombing and Unending Siege of Iraq

His Excellency
The High Commissioner of the United Kingdom
Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Dear Sir,

Again and as ever before, we strongly protest the United Kingdom's continuing actions in prolonging the suffering of an entire nation. This time your country has again colluded and collaborated to bombard a defenceless nation. Whatever reasons you may have, it is inconceivable that Iraq is in any position to defend itself let alone become an aggressor. It has now been reduced over the years as a plausible political diversion (purely an American domestic predicament), an example of international extortion and a victim of "neo-colonial" bravado of the highest culpability.

That the UN arms inspectors cannot even convince the UN Security Council for this latest act of aggression shows the level of disregard for accepted international law and norms in committing military moves. Surely, the sanctions itself has made this country kneel in submission being undernourished and in deprivation. In effect, this is a siege to slowly torment a whole nation into a state of helplessness and misery so that it can never again return to international importance as well as an example to the rest of the world to toe the American line with British collusion.

In the name of humanity, please stop all destructive means, refrain from the policies of devastation and place human life above US administration local political diversions and try to contain that inherent prejudicial malice.

Surely, the United Kingdom having been to the Muslim World before as imperial colonialists do not intend to repeat its notorious past treating Muslims as if sheep for slaughter!

"Mankind, heed your Lord who has created you from a single soul, and created its mate from it, and propagated so many men and women from them both. Heed God through Whom you hold one another responsible, as well as any ties of kinship. God is watching over you." Al Qur'an 4:1.


Hamdan Muhammad Hassan

19 December 1998.

[Currently, he is a Senior Civil Engineer at the University Science of Malaysia. He is involved in youth activities with the Muslim Youth Movement in Malaysia. He is also the President for the Muslim Staff Association in his university.]

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