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Imam Ghayth Nur Kashif
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IMAM GHAYTH NUR KASHIF is currently the resident Imam for Masjidush-Shura in Southeast Washington, DC. He has served as one of the past chairman for the Council of Imams of Washington, DC. He is now counsellor, for the Muslim American Military Association (MAMA) and was instrumental in negotiating the accreditation of the Muslim Endorsing Agency for military chaplains, resulting in the confirmation of the Armed Services first two Muslim chaplains. He is also a distinguished veteran of the US Air Force. Most recently he has been selected to chair the Committee for the Formulation Process of the proposed Masajid Council (Shura) for the Metropolitan Washington Area (including suburbia, Maryland and Virginia).

Imam Kashif was a founding member of the American Muslim Council (AMC). As director of Congressional Affairs, he was the chief negotiator in arranging two historical congressional "firsts" for Muslims: i.e. opening invocations (prayers) in the Senate and the House by Imams WD Mohammed and Sara Wahaj, respectively. Imam Kashif serves also as Muslim chaplain for patients at St. Elizabeth Hospital and Prince George’s Correctional facility.

Imam Kashif is listed in WHO’s WHO in Black America for his pioneering efforts in the alternative media. He is also listed in The International Authors and Writers WHO'S WHO. He is often cited as a ‘primary source,' on the rise of Islam in America, the "revolution of the 60’s," and the effects of international foreign policy upon Muslim-Americans and African-Americans. In addition, he was earlier accepted as a member of the International Platform Association. He has valuable experiences as an editorial and communications consultant. Consequently, participates frequently in local and national intercultural dialogues, and media presentations.

Imam Kashif served as in-house editor the International Institute for Islamic Studies in Herndon VA, and was the initial designer (setting guidelines and specifications) for the American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS). He has worked closely as special assistant in editing for for Dr. Taha Alwani, current chairman of the Fiqh Committee of North America and head of the SISS post-graduate institute in Loudon County, Maryland. Thereby, serving in the same capacity for Dr. Abdul Hamid Abu Sulayman, now Rector for the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIU).

The Imam has also served as Editor-in-Chief and/or publisher for a number of other significant publications, including the original Muhammad Speaks, the Bilalian News, Muslim Journal, and the Congressional Black Watch. In particular, he co-founded the METRO Magazine and worked in its editorial during his professional career. His writings have been published in Minaret, Horizon and many other Muslim magazines as well. He has authored a number of socio-political papers for numerous publications. His popular Hajj narrative, "Sacred Journey" continues to be hailed as one of the best-detailed Hajj experience of a Western writer.

Imam Kashif is extremely well travelled. He has accompanied varied writers' groups to conferences in Spain, Indonesia and other countries. He has held audience/interviews with such international personalities as Zul-el Haqq of Pakistan, Fidel Castro, Prime Minister Manley of Jamaica, Yaser Arafat, Khadifi of Libya, Kenneth Kaunda of Zimbawi and others. He was also first to interview Willis Carto, a nebulous figure who fashioned America's early political "Right Wing" movement. He interviewed much of the "Far Right personages," including George Lincoln Rockwell, America's home grown Nazi Leader (assassinated in the 1960's) and the White Citizen's Councils (offshoots of the Klu Klux Klan).

He has held/holds personal acquaintance of such persons as Malcolm (X) Shabazz, Muhammad Ali, Louis Farakhan, Imam W.D. Muhammad, Imam Jamil Alimin ("Rap Brown") and Elijah Muhammad - all personages of the early Islamic movements among African Americans.

With reference to press certification, he has held press credentials for congress, the White House and the State Department over the years. He has been published in op-ed articles in the Washington Post and has been instrumental in effecting the Style changes for AP, NY Times, the Post and most of the US media with reference to Moslem v. Muslim appellations. (The word Moslem is no longer a style requirement for these newspapers.) Kashif continues to be a "sought-after" media consultant for many alternative and budding publications.

Imam Kashif has been a frequent speaker for university-related seminars, lectures on African American issues. He has served as host and participant on several radio/TV programmes, locally and nationally. He is married to Hafeeza Kashif, founder of UMME, United Mothers for Moral Excellence. They have four children, and nine "grands."


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(additional references available upon request).

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