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Significance of unity towards a better Islamic Internet!

By: Harith Abd Rahman Peterson

Broadcasted on BICNews 15 December 1997

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. :)

O Allah, protect me from Shaitan!
I submit to You, Allah. In Your Name I work. :)

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu. :)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

The purpose of this message is to explain the significance of a project like the World Islamic Network (WIN). Please forward this to anyone you feel would be interested. Remember: for the WIN project to succeed it requires volunteers. Please help!

Don't let the present be wasted for a mere possibility in the future!


1. The problem - a chaotic Islamic Internet

2. Possible solution - Uniting efforts

3. Possible results of unity

4. WIN's request

5. Notes on the WIN project


    In browsing the Islamic Internet one may conclude that it is largely chaotic. We, at the WIN project, will have to agree. It is apparent that there is numerous great efforts on the net that are trying to do a service to further the cause of Islam. Either by providing articles, introductions to Islam, resources such as Quran and Hadith, or... and the list goes on. A major problem has arisen in that there is no control. Efforts are often duplicated to the point where one can find numerous sites doing exactly the same thing only with a different 'style'. This means within the chaos of the Internet there are are many efforts that could be used in more productive ways by providing original material.


    To solve the problem of chaos is to bring order. At WIN, we have concluded that the best way to bring that order to the Islamic Internet is through cooperation of Islamic content providers. We *strongly* encourage unification of efforts.


   Possible results of unity seen by WIN are all positive. The first result, which should be the highest in everyones list, is that we would be working towards fulfilling Allah's (swt) command of unity (3:103 Quran). Other results could include: better control of current resources, better understanding of how to improve the Islamic Internet, doors opened in ways to better the Islamic Internet and perhaps this cooperation may help some with the unity of the Ummah. Insha Allah.


    All the problems have not been addressed, nor all the possible results of the solution, but it is hoped the *significance* of the solution can be seen. WIN encourages all Islamic content providers on the Internet to cooperate.

    It doesn't have to be through WIN, but it should be done. Anyone willing to discuss the topic, *please* join the WIN discussion mailing list. See the WIN website for more details (


   WIN is completely non-profit. Everything done to realize the WIN project has been volunteered. Volunteers are from across the globe and correspond mostly through email communication.

    In order for WIN to continue it needs others to volunteer their time. Needed areas are: Technical volunteers, content volunteers, Islamic content advisors, general supporters, and Non-muslim commentators. Comments are essential, we must know if others think we are doing something valuable. Please contact us at: VOLUNTEERS CAN BE FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! All you need is Internet access. :)

Don't let the present be wasted for a mere possibility in the future! Don't let your efforts be wasted for the possibility that someone else *might* help!

May Allah guide us on the Straight Path!
May He help us!
May He give us the patience and strength to make it through the trials and
hardships that come our way.

Remember Allah! :)

Wa'alaikumsalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,
-Harith Abd Rahman Peterson :)

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