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The Deadlock of Molecular Evolution

The Story of Cell - presumed to be caused by chance

The evolutionist theory claims that life began with a cell which came into existence by chance. Accordingly, the cells formed new cells, and these cells combining to each other, form primitive living species. And the primitive species evolving to more developed species in time, have formed the modern living beings of our day. Thus, man is the last step of this evolutional chain.

If you believe in this story, then there is no reason that you would not believe in the below story similar to this… This is the story of a town.

One day, certain amount of clay stuck among the rocks in a barren area, turns into wet clay (alluvion) after the rains. The wet clay dries when sun sets up, hardens, and becomes tough and strong when some kinds of minerals are added up. Afterwards these rocks somehow being crambled into pieces scatter all around, and then a regular, well-formed, strong brick is formed. This brick waits under same natural conditions for years for a similar brick to be formed. After then, they together wait for a third brick similar to the first two to be formed. This goes on till hundreds, and thousands of bricks are formed. Thousands of years is necessary for each brick to be formed at the appropriate place, at an appropriate structure. Meanwhile, by chance, none of these bricks get damaged. After thousands of years, under severe natural conditions, such as rain, snow, storm, scorching sun, the bricks are not broken, or scattered to anywhere else, or broken, but they wait there with the same strong structure just as they formed. Moreover, the clay available in the surrounding where the bricks were built, does not stick on the bricks and corrupt their shapes, and turn into a useless, and formless structure. Anyhow, all the bricks preserve their same well-formed properties.

When the number of bricks reach the adequate number, then being somehow saved from the destructive effects of wind, storm, or tornado; and establish a well-planned building. Meanwhile, cement or soil mixture forms under "natural conditions" and creep into the bricks within a marvelous plan and fasten them to each other. While these all happen, the lead ores get shaped under "natural conditions" and sustain the basis of the building to be formed with these bricks. In the end, a complete building forms with its all kinds of materials; electricity, gas, plumbing, and heating system.

Of course, a building does not only consist of bricks and cement. Then how are the other missing materials are formed? The response is easy: All kinds of materials exist on earth that are required for the construction of the building. Silis necessary for the glass; copper necessary for the electricity system, the columns, nails, water pipes, and etc. all exist on earth in large quantities. And the woodwork would be supplied from the trees from a forest somewhere near the region when a tornado, or a storm pulls the trees up, and comes to where the building is when the flood drags near. Then, it is up to the skill of the natural conditions to arrange these materials inside the building. The wind, rain, storm and earthquake helps everything settle down all kinds of system, fences, accessories, and other materials to the required places. Everything is so well-arranged that the bricks were arranged pre-proposing that windows will be put and have left the necessary places empty. And even the bricks did not forget to put holes for the water pipes, and electricity cables. So everything is so well-coincided that during these activities there was nothing missing, nothing problematic, nothing incompatible, and nothing timeless. Any kind of unfortunate incident would cause the building collapse, and be destroyed, and become a heap of bricks. However the "coincidences", and "chances" and the "natural conditions" all worked in perfect compatibility and corporation both like an intelligent, and fastidious engineer, and hard-working, and persevering worker.

If you believe in this story, then you can also find out how the buildings, plants, roads, sidewalks, communication, and transportation systems in the city are formed. If you acquire very fair technical information, then you can even write a "scientific" book of few volumes disclosing your theories about "the evolutional process of the sewer system and its compatibility with the existing structures". Maybe you will receive an academic reward for your bright studies, and you can assume yourself as a genius casting light to humanity. However this does not mean anything else from manifesting the irrationality of own.

The Miracle in the Cell and the End of the Evolution Theory

If somebody believes that life began with a cell that came into existence by coincidences under the primitive earth conditions, then that person may have the comprehension to believe in the story above as well. Because a cell has the complexity of a city with its operating sytems, communication, transportation and management.

Plants producing the energy to be used by the cell; factories manufacturing the enzymes and hormones essential for life; a databank for recording the necessary information about all products; complex transportation systems and pipe lines for carrying raw materials and products from one place to another; advanced laboratories and refineries for disintegrating the external raw materials into usable parts; specialized cell wall proteins for the control of materials going out of the cell and coming into the cell are only a small part of this incredibly complex system.

When the cell can not even be synthesized in today's most advanced laboratories, how could it have come up in primitive world conditions? Starting out from the building blocks of the cell such as amino acids and proteins; not the cell, but also the mitochondria, ribosome and even only one organelle of the cell can not be built. That is why the evolutionary idea that the cell originated as a result of some coincidence, remains a fantasy or a product of imagination.

The scientific world agrees that the cell is the most complex structure, which the mankind has come across with up to now. By including in itself still many undiscovered secrets, cell stays as one of the biggest challenges to evolution theory. As a matter of fact, the famous Russian evolutionist A. I. Oparin expresses this undoubtable fact in his words:

"Unfortunately, the origin of the cell still stays as a question which is actually the darkest point of the complete evolution theory."

Actually, this confession of the scientists resolve the fact that evolution theory is restrained at its first step and it can not go any further. Since, it is known that the cell is the major building block of the human body. Consequently, this theory is not capable of explaining how the proteins and even amino acids making up the proteins come into existence; then it will be impossible for this kind of a theory to explain the origin of living organisms throughout the world.

On the contrary, cell is one of the most gorgeous examples of the "creation" of man. For the cell to function as a living organism, actually all of its parts with their various functions should act together. For this reason, if the cell was a product of evolution, then all other complex parts of the cell reaching a number of millions would have to be present at the same time and at the same place; moreover, these should have been assembled at the same time in a specific order and plan. The probability of such an event to occur as a result of coincidence is beyond the frontiers of probability calculations, so this structure in question can only be explained by "creation" and nothing else.

The allegation in evolutionary terms that the cell has come up as a result of coincidence has a lower probabilistic value than arguing that an encyclopedia is printed by chance after an explosion in a publishing house.

The English mathematician and astronomist Sir Fred Hoyle has made a similar analogy in one of his speeches published in the Nature magazine dated 12th of November, 1981. Although an evolutionist himself, Hoyle expresses that there is not a difference between the coincidental formation of a cell and the coincidental construction of a Boeing 747 as a result of a tornado striking a pile of scrap materials.

The thousands of tiny organelles in the cell accomplish thousands of operations in a second. Only in a single cell a very complex system of functions take place in order to perform the energy production to be used in the cell, the synthesis of proteins and enzymes utilized in the body, the disintegration of chemical materials received from outside of the cell environment, the warehousing of materials to be used in cell functions according to their types and many others. In addition, these complex operations need thousands of other sub-operations and organizations that have to be followed up on a continuous basis.

For these operations of the cell, ultra advanced and complex cell units function in a microscopic level within their specialized systems. Despite their microscopic dimensions, these organelles are as complex and specialized as at least a factory or a laboratory; since many of the operations handled by these organelles can not be achieved even in today's standards of high technology laboratories. For instance, most of the enzymes and proteins produced in the cell as a consequence of many complex applications cannot be produced in a laboratory environment artificially with the expected efficiency or success. Also, the photosynthesis process occurring in plant cells could never be repeated by using artificial methods; and furthermore, many aspects of photosynthesis in the plant cell and its stages could not have been revealed and discovered by the scientists of our day.

In spite of these facts, the evolutionists may still dare to argue that life could have started in primitive world conditions where no controlled mechanism can be thought of. However, this is completely a baseless argument that does not cooperate with scientific evidence. Besides, the simplest probability calculations have proven the fact that not only one single cell, but also all the other millions of proteins can not be made by chance or coincidence.

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Harun Yahya

23 November 1998.

[He is a well known writer from Istanbul who has written numerous books and articles on Islam, which includes the marvels of Allah's creation, the evolution theory, and politics. His articles have been published, not only in Turkey, but in other countries as well. His study aims to convey the message of the Qur'an, and to encourage people to think on issues such as the existence and the unity of God, and the Hereafter.]

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