Murphy's Ireland, Lady's Well Brewery,Cork, Eire.

Heineken NV is the parent company. Murphy's Stout is sold on draught, bottles and cans. The brewery has become Heineken Ireland.

Murphy's Brewery was founded by James. J. Murphy and Co back in 1856. The brewery was named the Lady's Well Brewery and is situated on the north side of the river Kiln in Cork.

 Murphy's  Brewery

In 1983 , a 127 years after it was established, Heineken NV took over the brewery saving it from closure. It then went under a 120 million pound modernisation program to bring it update. Then Murphy's was renamed Murphy Brewery.

Murphy's produce a stout, which is the second most popular stout in Ireland , and they brew Heineken which would be there flagship beer. They also brew Coors Lite .

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 Murphy's Stout

 Murphy's Stout  Murphy's Stout  Murphy's Stout

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