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The following sheets may be downloaded and printed up as a resource for your school. We have found them ideal for expanding children's knowledge. The questions were sourced by Mrs. Wall, Mr. Ellis and Mr. Farrell. The resources were uploaded by this years quiz team. Enda Holohan, John Whealn, Sean Farrell, Frankie Coughlan and Jeff Moran. They also had to learn them all!!   They are broken into various categories which may be of some use. We have also tried, where possible, to keep each group of questions to one sheet. Please let us know how you get on with them. The children would be delighted to hear from you. Our e-mail is Also, please let us know if we have made any mistakes!!

Right click on the following links and select Save target as. This will allow you to download onto your computer the relevant starter quiz sheets. We would like to acknowledge the very hard work Mrs. Wall  puts into the school's quiz team. We would also like to acknowledge the tremendous work Mrs. Wall  and Mr Ellis do with the classes on the Senior side of the school re Quiz training.

Classification of Quizzes:

This file contains 14 sheets of quiz questions.

Quiz Practice 1.doc 

The following sheets cover basic areas that come up very often in quizzes.

Quiz Practice Africa etc.doc  Quiz Practice Computer Terms.doc   Quiz Practice Airlines.doc   

Quiz Practice American Words.doc  Quiz Practice Ancient Gods.doc Quiz Practice Birthdays.doc

Quiz Practice Capitals and Currencies.doc    Quiz Practice Collective Words.doc

Quiz Practice Europe.doc Quiz Practice Male and Female Animals.doc Quiz Practice Phobias.doc

Quiz Practice Rome.doc  Quiz Practice Saints.doc  Quiz Practice South America.doc

Quiz Practice Stars.doc Quiz Practice Zodiac.doc   Quiz Practice Be It Ever So Humble.doc  

Quiz Practice Stamps.doc Highest, Lowest Longest.doc Quiz Practice Wedding Anniversary Gifts.doc

These two sheets cover questions dealing with the Euro.

Euro Notes.doc The Euro.doc   

The general knowledge sheets are single sheets with thirty questions approx.

General Knowledge 1.doc  General Knowledge Quiz2.doc   General knowledge 3.doc 

General Knowledge4.doc  General Knowledge 5.doc    General Knowledge 6.doc

General Knowledge 7.doc  General knowledge8.doc   General Knowledge Quiz 9.doc

General Knowledge10.doc General Knowledge11.doc General Knowledge 12.doc

General Knowledge 13.doc      General Knowledge 14.doc General Knowledge 15.doc

General Knowledge 16.doc General Knowledge 17.doc General Knowledge 18.doc

The following sheets cover questions dealing with Ireland.There are thirty questions per sheet approx.

Ireland1.doc Ireland2.doc Ireland3.doc Ireland4.doc

Ireland 5.doc  Ireland 6.doc

Sources.We got the questions from a variety of sources.Our teachers knew a lot from old quizzes.Some of the questions were got from encyclopedias such as Encarta.Some of the questions were from old quiz books such as Quicksilver and cross country quiz. As part of the quiz team practice we had to learn all of the above sheets! A lot of the time the questions might not come up but it is great help to have done them anyway.

Credit Union Finals.

We did brilliant in the Credit Union Finals.We had a score of 65 out of 72. We were just 3 points behind the winning team from Westport C.B.S. We got seven questions wrong.Five of these were about pop music. We knew the Japaneese for a tidal wave but we did't know Westlife's first album or the B in Mel B!!

Here are some of our favourite questions.

How many toes has a dog?18

What place in Ireland has its name spelt the same backwards?Navan.

How many legs has a squid?10

Name the second highest mountain in Ireland? Mount Brandon.

Please note that in our Download section [Bottom left of side menu bar.] There a program called Correct that contains 50 computerised quizzes. this is content free program that came with Robbie O'Leary's Resource CD.