Español / Spanish
Nadan dos chicos

Deutsche / German
Im Meer, zwei Jungen

Nederlandse / Dutch
In zee, twee jongens

Italiano / Italian
Due ragazzi, Dublino, il mare

Polski / Polish
Dwaj w morzu plywacy

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  Nadan Dos Chicos


Im Meer, zwei Jungen


In zee, twee jongens


Due ragazzi, Dublino, il mare


Dwaj w morzu plywacy


Foreign Language Versions
Français / French
Deux Garçons, La Mer
under translation
Publisher ... Le Passage du Marais
There was going to be a Norwegian version, to be published by PP Forlag. But they feared the translation costs would prove prohibitive. Anyone interested should note that the Ireland Literature Exchange offers bursaries and subsidies towards the translation of Irish literature.
There was also to be an Israeli version. Everything was agreed, contracts signed ... but neither I nor my agents ever heard from them again. Shufra was the name of the publishing house.
All translations with generous assistance of
Ireland Literature Exchange.