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 UK Book Cover

Nilus Moore, a young Irish boy, lives with his father in their decaying, shambolic house. Haunted by the death of his mother, he escapes the chaos outside in the refuge of his bedroom, where he obsessively makes and remakes a matt-black jigsaw and checks the perfect folds of his sheets.

His garlic-chewing father has taken to his bed with a bottle of brandy, oblivious of his brother’s plans to demolish his already-crumbling home – now filling up with a bizarre collection of paying guests. As the rest of the household seems to tumble down around him, the atmosphere grows ever more alarming and Nilus has to struggle to keep his house – and his mind – from falling apart.

ISBN 0-7432-3173-2

In my opinion, the book is poorly served by this blurb. It makes it sound a dreadfully depressing read. The original 1990 description got closer to the spirit of the novel.