Age :20 {12 07 1982}
Height : 6'4
Weight : 14st
Marital status : single
Club : Coolderry
Occupation : Student at Waterford IT
Favourite Positon : Centre back
Favourite other sports : Soccer and swimming 
Favourite Food : steak
Favourite drink : 7 UP
Favourite TV Programme : The Sunday game
Favourite Film : The Shawshank redemption
Favourite Actor/Actress : AL Pacino Julia Roberts
Who would be your dream date : My girlfriend Mary Lyons
Person in the world you most like to meet : Nelson Mandela
International Sportperson you,d like to meet : Keith Wood
Biggist Influence in your life : My father Kevin and Mick Murray
Player you most admired as a youngster : Pat O Neil {Kilkenny}
Player you most admire :My club mate Paul Hutson
Most difficult Opponent : They are all tough 
Favourite Ground : Croke park and Simple Stadium
Most Memorable Sporting moment : Captaining Offaly minors when they won the Lenster MHC title in 2000 and winning the MHC title with Coolderry the same year 
Funnist Sporting moment : There were many of them courtesy of the quick oneliners and wit  of Paddy Kirman who mannaged the Offaly minors in 2000.We had some great craic at training that year
Biggest disappointment : Losing the ALL Ireland VS senior title while playing for Tippeary aginst Galway.I think we let it slip in the draw match at Ennis and went down badly in the replay at Birr
What you dislike about hurling : Abuse and criticism cupled with outside interference on match days from other than your team mates and mentors
HONOURS : Represented Ireland at U-21 & senior level in shinty,1 lenster U-21 medal,1 lenster minor medal,2 Offaly U-21 medals,3 Offaly minor medals,1 OffalyU-14 medal 1 all Ireland Feile medal ,2 Offaly U-21 medals,1 munster VS SHC medal with Roscrea,Roscrea VS Sportstar of year North tipp sportstar award
Ambitions for 2002 : To win a county championship with Coolderry and to try and secure a starting place on the Offaly senior team
Long term ambitions : To qualify in civil Engineering from enjoy my hurling and to win as many county titles and all Irelands as i possible can
Advice to young Players : Practice the skills when ever you can and always heed the advice of the people that are coaching you
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