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Encarta in Mr.Lupton's Room

I went on Encarta Encyclopaedia on the computer in school. I looked up Offaly. It was very interesting. It gave me the history about Loch Boora and about the Vikings. It also gave me information about the different towns in Offaly. It told me the number of people in Birr, Clara, Tullamore and Edenderry. I also looked up Enid Blyton. It told me that she was a teacher and now she is one of the best liked childrens' writers. When I looked up Enid Blyton I had to look up Roald Dahl. He was from Norway. His sister died when he was young and soon after his father died. He went to St. Peters n.s. Boarding School. When he was finished at St. Peters he went to Repton Boarding School. Some of his best stories are Charly and the Chocolate Factotry and Boy. I thought Encarta was very interesting.

By Eimear Guinan. 4th Class.

I enjoy being on Encarta.There is alot to discover. There are games such as Mind Maze. The games are good because you are playing the same time as you are using your mind. It is very interesting . If you type in an animal it will give you an article on that animal and will also give you a picture of it. One time I looked up a cheetah and it even gave the movements , let alone the picture and article . It has a dictionary and treasures. The dictionary has every word in it from a to z . It has music in it as well.There is a lot of music in it. But there are only bits and pieces of the songs . Sometimes we play musical statues. We have alot of fun when we play .

Everyone in our class has seen the games and music being played. They liked it alot. I think every one enjoys it. Everyone in America enjoys it as well. We have our own Encarta and when we get our computer running we will use Encarta even more.I enjoy Encarta alot and so does my family. Encarta is very interesting.

by Meghan Hickey 4th Class

MY School

My name is Amy Nolan .The name of my school is Coolderry Central School.I live around three miles from our school.I also have one brother that goes to school here,his name is Conor.I go to school on a bus.My bus driver's name is Mr Green.But most people call him bus driver.Our school was built in 1983,it is a five teacher school,and it has a resource teacher that comes on a monday called Mrs Mc Evoy.Our school has a lot of computers.Each class has a different computer.Fourth class have Encarta . I am in Fourth class.Encarta is an Encyclopaedia.

It has a game called mind maze.In this game you pick a subject that you want and level that you want and you go into rooms.In the rooms you click on the door and you get a question.Under the question there are four answers that you can choose from if you get the right answer you get some points .when you finish it you get a cup.In Encarta you can look up things aswell as mind maze . You get videos with animals moving & making noise .&you just get the sound on other things & a picture with no sound on other things and a picture moving on other things.

You can get national anthems of nearly every country.You get singing of different countries and different years. I really enjoy being on Encarta. It is a lot of fun and interesting too. You can learn from people to animals to plants to wildlife to song and dance and there is a lot to discover.

yours Sincerely

Amy Nolan age 10

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