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George witnessed another accident on the line close to his own home. He was standing within a few feet of the rails at the time. He remembers that a wagon load of turf broke away from the end of the train, just after it had passed him and smashed into a hollow close to the railway line. Fortunately, no one was hurt in these accidents. There were, however, two or three fatal accidents on the line. Paddy O'Dowd, Kildorragh, Ballinamore who was taking a cart load of hay across the line which ran through his own land, was struck by the train and died in hospital two weeks later. A girl who was sitting on the load of hay escaped serious injury. The horse had to be put down.
Two of the Directors of the 'C and L were R.H. Johnstone, J.P., Bawnboy and V.E Hunt, J.P., Owendoon. There was general agreement to the suggestion that the train engines be named after the daughters of the directors, and so one engine bore a Bawnboy name, Isabel.
Stationmasters at Bawnboy Road were Thomas Graham in the 1 890s, Andrew Elliott in the 1900s and Messrs. Cook, McHale, Delemere and a young man Hugh McPartlin, Ballinamore, who was there when the line closed on 31st March 1959. Many people celebrated the closing by travelling on the last train in their area. People came from as far away as Galway City to make the historic trip but children and teenagers, in particular, enjoyed it.


Some of the halts near Templeport

Corgar Halt



Where much of the track ballast came from

with Gate-keeper Mick Dolan watching

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