The Templeport Resource Centre


From his book
Bawnboy and Templeport
By Chris Maguire

Templeport Community Centre came into existence in the 1960s when a group of young farmers felt there was need for a centre run by a committee of local people, representative of all creeds and classes. The trains on the Cavan and Leitrim line made their last run on 31st March 1959. Templeport Co-op acquired the Station House with the office and living quarters of the Stationmaster. There was also a goods store and the space where the rail tracks and siding lay.
There had been a very successful branch of Macra na Feirme in the parish throughout the fifties. This led to the formation of a branch of the N.F.A. at this time. In it were Bennie Donohoe, Phil McManus, Michael Galligan, Pat Murray, Pee Dolohan, Pat MacAweeney, Pat McAdam, Eamon Dolan and Rumold Dolan. They debated the idea of having a meeting place and social centre of their own and had their minds set on the vacant railway house. A number of their members were also on the Co-op Committee and they came to an amicable arrangement under which the N.F.A. Committee acquired the railway station.
This was to be the Templeport Community Centre, and two new members Martin McGowan and Chris Maguire joined the Committee at the request of the new owners. A great amount of voluntary work was done by the Committee and their friends. Three small rooms and a corridor became the main hall. The station master's office became the kitchen while at the other end of the building a small room with a fireplace was ideal for small meetings. Two washrooms and toilets were built to the rear. New floors were laid where necessary, walls and ceilings painted, windows curtained. A small Government grant through the good offices of an interested politician enabled the Committee to engage a building contractor to put the finishing touches to the building.
The Community Centre has been constantly in use for almost forty years. Whist Drives were the main

source of revenue for the committee and for many of the parish organisations, social, political, sporting, cultural or charitable. Many of the local organisations held their meetings there, monthly or annually, and heating was available on a 'pay as you use electricity' basis. A few times when funds were low or badly needed, a bazaar was run which was generously supported by the parishioners.
There were some great meetings there over the years. Tom Llewellyn, Rural Development for the West of Ireland, Alan Dukes before he entered politics and many others spoke on matters of interest to a rural community. The late Fr. Dan Gallogly came many times on long journeys and on his own to talk to us about our ancestors, secret societies, ribbon men, patriots and scholars. A new Community Centre, the brainchild of a new Community Centre Committee is already in course of construction. We wish it well and hope our people continue to be generous in their support of it.

The old and the new together

Evonne Lewis, Nuala Toher, Pauric Toher, Martin McGoldrick and Nial Toher admiring the new building

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