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An Eerie Ending

In 1967 a Templeport man visiting the U.S.A. purchased a type of wolf whistle at an autospares mart. and on his return home he duly fitted the whistle to his car. It could be made to sound like a steam train whistle as well as making other noises.
At dusk one evening in March 1969, almost exactly ten years after the railway's closure he was travelling with a lady friend along the Ballinamore Golf Course road which had been the railway track. For sentimental rather than mischievous reasons he sounded the whistle a few times.
A few days later, when his mother was shopping in Ballinamore she heard that "A Ghost Train" had been heard at the lower end of the town towards the Golf Course and that the incident had caused a minor sensation.
Needless to say, the man concerned stayed silent. He told me this story in confidence and wishes to remain anonymous.

Oliver Brady    .

The "Isabel" Name Plate

My interest in the C&LR has existed since I was a kid, and having played on the railway so many times I could not avoid being present for the publication of Patrick J Flanigan's book " The Cavan & Leitrim Railway" in Ballinamore in 1966
While talking to him after he signed my copy I told him about the family connection. He thought some one had the name plate "Isabel" and some weeks later phoned me with a name and address in Inchicore, Dublin.
I visited the address and not only had the man got the the name plate, but when he heard of my family connection he wanted to give it to me. He explained that although he had never worked on the C&L Ry , he had worked on the GNR at Belturbet for a short time, and there had found the plate dumped with other scrap.
Reluctantly he accepted a small contribution.
When I gave the plate to my mother she was delighted, as the engine had been named after her mother.

Nigel Rofé    .

Acknowledgements and Thanks
For contributions, Photographs & help with this Publication

  Encyclopaedia of Narrow Gauge Railways
  The Cavan and Leitrim Railway        Patrick Flanigan
  Tom Ferris                                          Chris Maguire
  The Anglo Celt                                    Jim Logue
  R.N.Clements                                      Ciaran Maguire
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  Eamon ,Colm and Ciaran Heery          Theresa McCaffery
  Michael Kennedy                                Sean Browne
  Angela Rofé                                        & the Forgotten People

Thanks also to the many other people who gave their
assistance and time with out counting the cost.

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