The Templeport Resource Centre


Officers of the Committee

                      Fr Tom McKiernan
Sean Deely.
                                      Secretary                      Theresa McCaffrey.
                                      Treasurer                     Ciaran Maguire.

Committee Members
( Past and present)
Ann Smith  Brian McKiernan, Peggy Kelleher,Mary Maguire, Pauline McTaggart,
Martin McDermot, Eamon Reilly, Errol Auckinson, Nigel Rofé, Madeline Houston, Jim Donohoe, Eddie Flemming. Pat Geoghegan, Thomas Kellegher, Nico Bartch, Pat Monaghan, Bernie Martin, Evelyn McCaffrey, Rumold Dolan, Mamie Beatty, Noel McDermott, Mary Martin, Ray McCaffrey , Oliver Brady, Philomena Dolan, Seamus McGovern, Hugh Farrell
We apologise to anyone else we have forgotten

The Committee wishes to thank the following people who have given of their
time and energy in helping us put this project together:

                          Noel Smith                                  Smith & Association, Architects.
                          Peter Maguire                              Building Contractors
·                        Jim Donohoe                                Donohoe & Mackey, Solicitors.
·                        Tina Tully                                      Development Officer P. & R.
·                        Donald McDonald                      Development Officer P. & R.
·                        Fidelma O'Hanlon                        Cavan Partnership.
·                        Billy Davey                                  North-Eastern Health Board.
·                        Seamus Mattimoe                          North-Eastern Health Board.
·                        Dr. Bourke                                      District Doctor, Ballyconnell.
·                        Dr. Deering                                    District Doctor, Swanlinbar.
·                        Carmel McGoldrick                      District Nurse, Swanlinbar.
·                        Carmel O'Reilly                            District Nurse, Ballyconnell.

And the many people involved with the different centres we visited.

The Templeport Resource Centre has been supported by
Programme for Peace and Reconciliation.
Department of Social Community and Family Affairs.
Cavan Monaghan Leader Programme.
People in Need.
Cavan County Council.
North Eastern Health Board.
Area Development Management Ltd
Bank of Ireland
Cavan Partnership
Department of Sports and Recreation
The Ireland Funds
and all the others who have helped and supported us we sincerely thank.

This booklet has been edited and assembled by Nigel Rofé and published by the
Templeport Resource Centre on the occasion of their official opening on 29 September 2000

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