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The booklet you have just come from is my first attempt at any kind of publishing, and was not originally intended to be put on the web.
The reason it came here in the first place, was because at the booklet editing stage other people needed to see and make comment on it.
I could not put it on to floppy, as with the photographs it "weighted"in at over 50MB, and I didn't know how to compress it. I made several web searches  and eventually found out that the easiest way to compress it was to convert it to html, which was only a short step away from a web site.
I hope in the near future to improve the site and take out some of the many bugs that exist due to my lack of knowledge, hurry to get finished to meet print deadline and any other excuses I can't think of now  as it's very late and I am nearly asleep.

The reason there are four pages here is that MS Publisher made me add pages in groups of four as we are to print two pages on each side of one sheet of paper

26th September 2000

Latest Update

The Opening cermony was a great success, and most people throughly enjoyed it.
The multi denoninational blessings and opening speeches were short, sharp and to the point.
The Celebratory tribute by local talent was extreemly well received, the standard of all the acts was so high that no one part could be considered better than any other part, and therefore no act could be singled out for further comment in this small space.  Congratulatinns to Fr Tom McKiernan and all those involved
Certainly no one was hungry or thirsty as the "refreshments" were plentyful and of the hightest quality, thanks to all concerned.
Some of the pictures taken during the evening appear on the next few pages

30th September 2000

We hope soon to have a calander of forthcoming events and perhaps news of past events on these pages
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Please allow longer time for the high quality photos to download!

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