The Templeport Resource Centre


Programme of Events for the night of Friday 29th September
Starting at nine pm

Welcome by the Chairman


Official Opening by Brendan Smith T.D.

Other Speakers

Celebratory tribute by local talent
a celebration of the centre's history by word, song, music and dance


Dancing  music by Evening Star


Chairman's Address

Little did people realise, when they attended a meeting in early 1997 in Wonderland Ballroom to consider its future, that a brand new Resource Centre would be up and running 3½ years later. This has been achieved by a broadly based hard working committee with the help of many supportive agencies.  Chief among these is the Programme for Peace and Reconciliation which contributed handsomely.  We also acknowledge financial support from several other organisations.

Our new Resource Centre has replaced old and dilapidated buildings in the parish which were used on a regular basis by many different groups within the community.  It had become increasingly obvious that these buildings did not cater for the many needs of our people.  With this new building, groups such as senior citizens, women's groups, youth and young children can now be adequately catered for.

Already in recent months we have had a G.A.A. function here.  We have seen a young musician launch a CD of his music, some of which you will hear tonight.  We have had  discos and games for the youth and social nights for the elderly.  Computer classes are in full swing.  Fas has an office here.

I want to thank my colleagues on the committee for their dedication and commitment, We have run raffles, duck races, barbeques, whist drives, horse racing nights, an alternative 'Rose of Tralee' competition and cookery demonstrations to raise the necessary funds.  Well done committee members.  We are indebted also to the local community for their support, sponsorship and encouragement and by their generous contribution to the community collection.A special word of thanks to Chris Maguire who donated the proceeds from his book

I wish to compliment the architect Noel Smith & Associates and the builder Peter Maguire & Company on a job well done. 

It is with great pleasure that we officially open our Resource Centre tonight.

Sean Deely  29th September 2000

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