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May and the 23rd of November, Bawnboy Road used to transport livestock bought at Ballymagovern to the north. In it's hay-day, a hundred wagonloads were loaded at each of the Fairs. The loading was hampered by the shortness of the load bank beside the goods shed. It only facilitated the loading of two wagons at a time. The wagons could hold ten adult cattle, Partition virtually wiped out the trade.
1952 A minor accident occurred when a train was de-railed at Bawnboy Rd because the County Council, while tarring the road for the first time left stones on the track.
1957 In July 1957 a spring broke on the engine on the track at Bawnboy Road, This mishap occurred roughly in the area of where the new hall is now located. Another engine with heavy lifting gear had to be called to raise the crippled engine and repair the spring. The incident would have caused a degree of curiosity and interest to the locals.
1959 On March 31st, 1959 the railway closed. It is interesting to note that Mrs. Teresa O'Reilly, Lisanover, who died in 1966 saw both the first and last trains run on the narrow gauge.

The railway might have been dwarfed by great railways in other parts of the world -nonetheless, it demonstrated the ingenuity and pride in their work that railway engineers and construction workers have in common all over the globe.
One only has to look at the buildings in Cloneary to see this. There were many other features long since gone. Sturdy riveted iron gates,

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Having a look round while waiting for the train home to Ballyconnell.

No more waiting!  At  last Leo O'Grady can get the train home to Ballyconnell. 1959

Dermot O'Grady and Nigel Rofé getting on to the "Bus" coach , so named because it was two bus bodies joined back to back.

Arrival at Bawnboy Rd Station

On the way to Bawnboy at last!

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