The Area Around Our School in Illinois.

By: Matt April 19, 2000


Hi, my name is Matt. I will tell tell you what it looks like and what it sounds like on my way to school. The things I see on the way to school are trees, a lot of grass, also flowers blooming. There is also a lot of bushes, noisy cars, a lot of kids, roads, and small animals. The things I hear are birds chirping, and cars running. Those are the things I see and hear on my way to school and back.

In the city there are many attractions. One attraction is the Sears Tower. It is the largest building in the United States of America, and the second largest in the world.

Another place downtown isnít Navy Pier. It is famous for many things. There is a theater there plus there are ship visitors on tours in the lake around Chicago. Also there are beaches along the city of Chicago.

Matthew G.

Schaumburg Golf Course

We have a golf course right next to our school. Itís very big and has carts to ride around in so you donít have to walk or carry your bags.

The golf course smells fresh and you can buy food there. You have to pay to get in of course. You see a lot of grass, sand, and 14 ponds.

There are nine holes for beginners, 18 for good players and champion players. The longest hole is 487ft. long! Itís a very big place. Iím going to try golfing this summer.

The beginner course is for people who arenít that good, but when you play you get better. He champion course is very hard and is for people who rule at golfing. It is actually very fun!!

They even have a shop where you can buy stuff for golfing. You can buy clubs, golf balls, and food. The food is actually pretty good for a golf course.

I recommend that you come and visit the golf course. It is fun for all!

Kenny T

Fairview School District 54

Fairview is a school with only one story. It is made out of wood and bricks. It looks bigger than it really is.

There are about twenty-four classrooms. Our school also has an art room, a library, a music room, and a gym. All of our computers are in the Library Media Center. There are also two or more computers in each classroom. Fairview has many teachers. It also has teachers for students in need of special help. Our principal is Mrs. Starr. Thereís also a staff.

There is a large playground and a blacktop at the side of the school. Behind the school is a large field. There is also a baseball diamond. All of the students go on field trips. There are no limits to our field trips.

School days last about six hours. Children eat lunch from 11:45-12:30. Students get a hot lunch shipped from restaurants every Tuesday. There are around six hundred students at this school.

That is all about Fairview.

By: Matt


The Images of Hoffman by Matt C

My image of Hoffman is a lot of sporting events. There is baseball, softball, football, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, and swimming events. Those sports run at different times of the year.

An average temperature in January is around 20-30 degrees Farenheiht. In August it is around 80-90 degrees Farenheiht.

Hoffman has many great sites such as the biggest shopping mall in the world, Woodfield ;Alexlian Field, home of The Flyers {a semi-pro baseball team}; and a large library. And every year there is a feast called the Septemberfest.

The cost of a cheeseburger and fries from McDonalds or Burger King is around 99 cents to $ 2.00. It depends on what you are getting.



Linda Y

The Sears Tower

Chicago has great sites but the best is the Sears Tower. This used to be the tallest building in the world but now it is second. This figure is 150 stories high {not including antennas} People come all over the world to see it.

When you go inside, you have to buy tickets, and when you buy the tickets you get a free brochure. You take a picture and then step into the elevator. It takes about 5 minutes for the high-speed elevator to get to the top. On the last floor there are benches and binoculars. Once you come out of the elevator you see through walls. Another thing about the Sears Tower is that the windows are as big the walls, so you can see through them. You look down and see cars and people the size of ants. You can see Soldier Field and Lake Michigan. But most of all you can see buildings shorter than you!

The Sears Tower is wonderful and I hope you visit some day.




Neal C

My neighborhood has many different sights, sounds, and smells. It is called the "Essex Club".

To begin with there are a lot of things to see in my neighborhood. First, there is a forest beyond the boundary. I can visit a lake beyond my backyard. Also, the mayor built a park last year. There is some more stuff too! There is a pool in many peopleís backyard. There are many different places to play sports. Such as a basketball court, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, and soccer field.

Next, there are many sounds. The fountain in the lake makes a splashing sound. Also, seagulls, birds, ducks, and geese quack and squeak. The wind makes a blowing sound. When there are baseball games you can hear people cheering.



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