This project was undertaken by the First and Second Class children in conjunction with members of the community. Its aim was to provide an opportunity for the children to learn about the people who work in their community.

We are very thankful to the people who gave their time to come in to our classroom and talk to the class so enthusiastically.

Each of the community members below visited our class, spoke to the class about their work and then answered the probing questions the class put to them. The children took turns recording sound and video as well as taking digital photographs of the discussions.

The following links below bring you to the recordings, pictures and worksheets that the children produced as a result of their interviews with the community members who visited us.

NB You will need RealPlayer to view the video clips and to hear the sound recordings on this site. RealPlayer is freely downloadable from If you need directions for downloading RealPlayer follow the directions here.

James trains and manages a local soccer team. He gives his time voluntarily and talks about how his work is worthwhile. Click here to read, see and hear more.
Maureen works in the Tír na n-Óg playschool in Belmullet. Click here to discover more about her work.
John is our postman. Click here to find out more about the work of a postman.
Caroline is a full time mother and farmer. She tells us all about her work here.
Eibhlin is a nurse in the hospital in Belmullet. Learn about the life of a nurse and how to take a pulse here.
Seán is a bus driver and he often drives us when we go on trips on the bus. See what Sean has to say here.
Rosaleen is a social care worker and a special needs assistant. She has always worked in situations where she can care for people. Find out more here.
Amanda and Gary are two local gardaí who came to visit us and tell us about their work. Click here to see who got to try on handcuffs.