Dealbh in aice na Scoile

A Local Sculpture







Tháining an dealbhóir Walter Michael ar cuairt chugainn le déanaigh. Bhí sé ag labhairt linn faoin dealbh alainn atá suite in aice na scoile agus d'inis sť duinn conas a rinne sé é. Tá muid an-bhuíoch le Comahairle Chontae Mhaigheo as an chabhair a thug siad dúinn.


We would like to thank Mayo County Council and in particular the County Arts Service for helping us to organise the day with Walter Michael.

A Report from Ranganna 5 agus 6

On Tuesday the 20th of February, a sculptor named Walter Michael, came to our school.  He came to speak to us about the sculpture he created in a local Inver estate.

From 1st class to 6th class, we all gathered around the sculpture just a couple of  hundred metres down the road from the school. There, the sculptor explained to us how he came up with the idea for his creation. He was asked by the council to create something after the new houses were built.

His sculpture is made up of a large fish caught in a net by a small bird. He felt the sea was very important to the people of the area. He also wanted to add a humorous touch by having the small bird catch the large fish in a large net so that it would not be boring.

The sculpture explained how he used many different materials. These materials needed to be strong and long lasting .He used oak for the fish’s head and tail. The poles were made from brass, the netting from copper wire and the bird from bronze. It was very interesting and we enjoyed it. Later we all returned to the school and the sculptor came to speak to all the children in 5th and 6th class. We took part in activities that involved coming up with ideas for making our own sculpture. He taught us to look at things differently in order to make new creations that are interesting. We all enjoyed our visitor very much.

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Click here to watch a video clip of Walter explaining the inspiration for his work. If you would like to see Walter explaining the creative process, click here Walter explains how two u.nconnected items can become a creative process Check out how creative plastic cutlery can be!



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