Blacksod Lighthouse is located on the west coast of Mayo. The lighthouse is 166 years old. The stone for the lighthouse was carved out of the rocks underneath where the lighthouse now stands. It is 63 metres high. It has two floors. There are 43 steps to the top where the light is. The Broadhaven Lighthouse or Ballyglass lighthouse, was first switched on in 1855. It was originally intended to be an unlit beacon, but there were strong local represemtations for a lit tower with buoy marking the channel up to Belmullet. Back to the Blacksod lighthouse. On the way in you can see that it has two engines, to generate electricity when there iaa power cut . The lighthouse is one of two square lighthouses in the world. There is only 300 watts in the lighthouse!! That is only 3 ordinary light bulbs. The man who works there Vincent Sweeney was painting the lighthouse, one time, long ago. He couldn't reach the top of the lighthouse with a ladder so he tied a long piece of rope to the bumper of the car and there was a bouy, he sat on the bouy and his wife reversed the car and he was hauled up to the top . Smart idea!! By Daniel and Rory


The storm wall in Blacksod lighthouse was knocked in 1989 when there was a huge storm. It was a very frightening storm. It put a barrel through the window and it flooded the ground floor. The lightkeeper, Vincent Sweeney and his family had only just moved out of the lighthouse a few months befroe that. The new wall was built around the 18 October 1990. It is made from cement with huge steel reinforcements. It is 11 years old. (We know this because James' Dad worked on the new wall and James was born during this time!) When the wall was knocked first it was made from stone. The wall called the storm wall. The Commission for Irish Lights helped to make the wall. There is a boat called the Irish Light. That delivered supplies to the lighthouses. The lighthouse on the Erris coast are Ballyglass, Eagle lighthouse and Blackrock. By Padraig and James.

One year (1989) a storm came to Blacksod Lighthouse. It knocked down the wall that was built in 1864 .The wall had been made from granite, just the same as the lighthouse. The wall was 4 metres high. When the storm came to the lighthouse it smashed everything in its path. It was so strong that it blew a barrel full of oil in the window down the hall and into the kitchen. The storm flooded the whole house. The second wall was built in 1990 from granite. My friend's father built the wall with the other men. By Siobhan and Sheila.


Hello our names are William and James. Today we are going to tell you about our trip to the lighthouse in Blacksod Bay. We took a bus to Blacksod and the lightkeeper there, Vincent Sweeney, showed us around. The light in the lighthouse is not just one big light, it is number of household hundred watt bulbs. In Blacksod lighthouse there are three light bulbs. Now you are thinking how do you see the light from the light bulb so far?And why does it look like it goes around?. It looks like it goes around because it flickers every few seconds and the top is round. You can see the light so far because there are lots of tiny magnifying glasses around it. That's not all! There are two DANGER marks there also. The first one is a green marker and it stands for a shipwreck! And the red stands for rocks ahead. Did you know that the first lighthouses were built on hillforts and bonfires were the lighthouses. That's all from us bye or Slan.

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