VIOLET TOWN, Victoria, Australia.

Violet Town is a place where all the homes and shops have lots of history behind them! On Wednesday 16\2\2000 our grade 4 \ 5 did a tour of the town.

We walked past many old and new homes, and visited old shops and homes that haven't

been repaired.

Our class first of all crossed the road from the school to an old house in need of new weatherboards, an old fence in need coat of paint, and a garden in need of weeding.

At the corner of the Main Street, we headed off in our groups. The members of our group were, Renee Richard and myself Stephanie.


The Violet Town National Bank was our subject.

We crossed the road and started studying the old building.

The Violet Town bank is a very old, it is a tall creamy white building with three steps leading up to the large creamy white doors. There are hand rails either side of the building that are painted a pale gray, two little gardens either side of the building gives it a little bit of lift. Around the corner of the building, continue the gardens, this time leading onto some old homes. After walking past a few old homes our class crossed the road, the road was old and little bit cracked.

We studied an old woman's home before moving to the Antique Shop. The building is made of old cracked orange bricks, with an old wooden door. Our class was lucky enough to explore the old building. We entered the building; it was like a dream of wonders. Straight ahead there was a large bookshelf full of adult and children's books. On the right was a huge selection of antiques. We saw a brass double bed, olden day scooters, a wooden rocking horse, more books, photo albums, statues and lots, lots more. If you walk straight ahead, you are confronted by an old wooden door with ripped fly wire. Through the door there was a large corrugated iron shed and next to it was lots of lush green grass and couple of old gum trees. The rest of the shop is full off lots more antiques.

After half an hour an the Antique Shop we walked to the old Train Station to study it.

Forty minutes after we walked back to the school and thatís when I started this piece of writing.


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