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Ballymun Youthreach opened in October 1991, initially catering for 25 young people and presently for 43. Youthreach is a joint Department of Labour and Department of Education programme launched in 1988 to cater for unqualified early school leavers who experience difficulties in the labour market.

Youthreach is a guarantee of up to two years of integrated education, training and work experience for these young people. The Programme is operated on a nationwide basis, the Vocational Education Committees in designated areas are responsible for the Foundation Phase. Ballymun Youthreach is one of eight Youthreach Centres run by the City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee.

The centre is located in the Virgin Mary Boys National School occupying five rooms, one office and a staff room on the first floor.

Organisational Features of Programme.

All trainees go through an induction programme on starting at the centre during which they have an opportunity to sample each skill area and make an informed decision on which specialist areas they would like to spend most time. After the initial trial period trainees - having made their decision - may spend up to a year in that particular area whilst continuing to participate in all skill areas to a lesser degree. This situation is constantly monitored and reviewed, allowing for change.

Each group of young people participate in outdoor pursuits on a regular basis and recreation time is also included in the programme. These activities are particularly useful in developing a team spirit. The centre operates a key worker system whereby two instructors have responsibility for one of the four groups, providing support and guidance where necessary. A trained counsellor is available one morning per week.

The Centre is staffed by the following:

Other part time staff make occasional inputs in various specialist areas.

Centre Philosophy

Over and above the general aims and objectives for Youthreach Foundation phase Ballymun Youthreach aims to:

Empower young people to make informed decisions about their future by exploring and developing their talents and personalities in a supportive environment.
Encourage young people to become more involved in their community by forging links with local youth groups and voluntary associations.


Jacqui Caulfield
Ballymun Youthreach
Virgin Mary National School
Shangan Road
Dublin 9.
Tel: 01 842 04 82
Fax: 01 842 76 59


Ballymun Youthreach


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