Bob Moss
Angling Writer
Author of : " A Guide to Shore Angling
on the Dingle Peninsula"
"The Third Breaker"

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Bob Moss lives in Ballydavid and is an avid surf and shore angler with numerous specimen fish awards to his name. He has been fishing the length and breadth of the Dingle Peninsula for well over 30 years.

A member of the 'Angling Writers' Association, when not fishing he is writing, for which articles appearing in a variety of magazines have gained him numerous awards - notably :
"Irish Angling Writer of the Year" - 2000 / 2001 and 2003
"Sea Angling Writer of the Year" (UK & Ireland) - 2002 and 2003
"Writing in Defence of Angling" awarded by The Salmon & Trout Association (UK) - 2003

With the first two books: "A Guide to Shore Angling ..." and "The Third Breaker", he has succeeded in unwrapping the piscatorial secrets of the Dingle Peninsula with the assistance of the many hundreds of visiting anglers - all unwitting contributors. Visitors who first came for the fishing but who are now drawn back year after year to an experience that goes far beyond just catching fish. To a way of life far removed from the modern day world.

The Dingle Peninsula is unique in that it contains something for everyone. From miles of storm beaches with crashing surfs for the sportsman after Bass, to gentler places and estuaries, piers, and rock marks that plunge into deep water. Riches galore to suit all types of fishing, at any time of year, containing a variety of fish to match every taste and all within easy distance of each other. So much so in fact, that you're often spoilt for choice, hence the reason for these two Books.
One, a " where to " , and the other, " how ".

By way of a contrast his third, and most recent, book:"Through A Line Tightly", is a piscatorial view of the country as a whole. Containing a selection of his stunningly evocative photographs and illustrated by text taken from a variety of his published articles, this is a book of the Great Outdoors - here in Ireland - seen through owning a rod. Exceptional high quality throughout, and in a coffee-table format of 205 mm x 205 mm, it should be of interest to all who have been here already and to those still plotting a trip.

Bob Moss
County Kerry
Phone : +353 66 915 51 58