Latitude/Longitude Finder Utility

The Google mapping service is great, but the address lookup service that goes with it is very poor for many parts of the world. What many people don't realise is that it is possible to enter a latitude and longitude value into the google map search box. Unfortunately many people don't normally know the latitude and longitude of their point of interest - I have created this page to help these people.

Move and zoom the map below until the marker is exactly on your point of interest. You can use the buttons to switch between a traditional map, a satelite picture or a hybrid of both depending upon whichever works best for the region of interest for you.

The marker at the centre of the map below is exactly at latitude and longtitude

If you know the approximate lattitude and longitude of the point you are looking for, you can speed up your search by entering these values in the boxes above and then clicking on the button.

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This page uses the Google map service. For some parts of the world, you may find that the Yahoo version works better.