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  Connemara Ponies at Bruckless House

Bruckless ponies are integral to the way of life at Bruckless House, with the original stable building pre-dating the construction of the house.

Bruckless House Farm is involved in the breeding of quality Connemara ponies: suitable for riding and driving in the rough domain of Donegal: hardy and yet with a kindly streak and friendly dispositions. In the present herd, some of the ponies are registered with Dressage Ireland, performing dressage at preliminary levels.

Performance has always been the bottom line in Connemara Pony production here: the Evans brothers, Alexander and William rode their ponies from Bruckless to Clifden in 1987, covering the long road in six days before entering the ponies into the rings. They rode Sweetwall Wanda (8389) and Bruckless Gaffalla (G1204) respectively, selling both ponies at Clifden that year. A further demonstration of the pony's worth was in 1997 when the family drove the stallion Davog in a 1889 gig from home to Clifden - a lovely experience for everyone concerned.

At present, the Bruckless herd comprises of the following:

Robin's Gift (M8781) b.1987

brood mare.

Bruckless Emer (M11046) b.1995

riding/jumping/driving/brood mare.

Bruckless Hannah (SR30) b.2000

Brood mare

Linsfort Boy (S1105) b.1999


Bruckless Eoin (G2189) b.1996


Bruckless Excel (G3056) b.1998

Gelding/under training.

Bruckless Elis (99/126) b.1999


Bruckless Erin (IHR 2807892) b.2002

Gelding/under training

Bruckless Euro(FRN 04/167) b.2004

Colt foal

Bruckless Hector (FRN 04/168) b.2004

Colt foal

Bruckless Elrond (FRN 04/166) b.2004

Colt foal


Registered Irish Draught Horses

Bruckless Tessa (RID 0800) 


work horse/brood mare.

Updated March 2005



Clive and Joan Evans, Bruckless House, Bruckless, Co. Donegal, Ireland

phone: +353 74 9737 071 / fax: +353 74 9737 070

email: bruc@bruckless.com