Irish Callcards I have For Swap

I am currently seeking the following cards for my collection if you have one spare or for sale let me know 

This list will constantly change and be updated as I get and try amd obtain more for my own collection.

Card NumberUnitsName Of Card
GPT Plessey Service Cardred phone1000 u Red Telephone Blue Backround - No Control No on reverse

5 uGalway trial, L & Gyr Munster Callcard Club Overprint Card

1016Limerck 100 Unit100 uLimerick trial Autelca

1020 imi5050uIMI Conference 1989

1021Imi 50 Unit Si5 Chipset50uIMI Conference 1990 Schlumberger  Si5 Version only

1044 Kilmainham5uRoyal Hospital Collectibles Fair ( 2 Versions Patron Packs Only)

Non Telcom Eireann Cards

1.Boston 10 Unit10uBoston Scientfic

2.Boston 20 Unit20uBoston Scientfic

3.Boston 30 Unit30uBoston Scientfic

4.Enterprise Train Card50uEnterprise trains many different versions
5.€10Eircom Direct Seastar

6.Chris Lowe2ou Telcom Eireann Director  Chris Lowe
7.2ou Telcom Eireann Director  Ronald J Bolger.

8.Alan T Corbett2ou Telcom Eireann Director  Alan T Corbett

9.Anthony Flynn2ou Telcom Eireann Director  Anthony J. Flynn

10.Alfie Kane2ou Telcom Eireann Director  Alfie Kane
11.2ou Telcom Eireann Director  Christopher Maher
12.Michael J Sheridan2ou Telcom Eireann Director  Michael J Sheridan

13.Gerry O Sullivan2ou Telcom Eireann Director  Gerry O Suliivan
14.2ou Telcom Eireann Director  Fiona Tierney

15.UCD Blue 120uUCD Blue Line A

16.UCD Blue 22ouUCD Blue Line B

17.IPM Phonecard 25 Units25unitsIPM Phonecard issued for University of Limerick