CHI 2002 - Getting to Know You


Workshop Summary


Position Papers

Open Source Software: A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Collaborative Knowledge Construction Dissertation Overview - Eric Scharff (PDF, 28Kb)

Theorizing on the sustainability of OSS communities - Kouichi Kishida, Yunwen Ye, Yasuhiro Yamamoto (MS Word, 42Kb)

Shall we Dance? Ten Lessons Learned from Netscape's Flirtation with Open Source UI
- Peter Trudelle (TXT, 8Kb)

Statement of Interest Concerning Participation in "Getting to Know You: Open Source Development Meets Usability" - Kathy Fernandes (MS Word, 23Kb)

Other Attendee Biographies

Rashmi Sinha
StarCalc v MS Excel
| StarWriter v MS Word

Matthias Blumenfeld

James Laffey


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