A cot is a small boat. It is used for fishing.

A cot has a stem which is where the fisherman sits while moving along the river.

The ribs are along the inside of the cot. There is a place on the back where the engine goes.

A cot is 17ft long. It is 40 inches in width in the middle.

The height of the stem and stern is 16 inches. The stem, ribs and transom are made from oak. The bottom of the boat is made from larch. It is 1 inch thick.

The keel keeps the boat from tipping over. The sideboards and topboards are made from 3/4 inch of larch. The keel is 6 inches by 2 in length and width.

Drohan cot

The cot in Carrick is known as the Drohan cot. In 1957 Patrick Drohan redesigned the Drohan cot. The Drohan cot is a slender boat. The keel board is 7 inches by 2 inches. It is usually made of larch. The cot has a slightly rounded bottom. A Drohan cot has 2 stems. The net that they use in Carrick is 16 yards long. Each stone ways about one and a half pounds.


Peter Walsh of Clashroe building a cot with his son Michael.

Glueing Ribs


Ribs and Keel assembly


Ribs and keel

Glueing for base

Bottom assembly


Putting bottom boards in place

Workshop finishing

Final Product



The ribs are glued and screwed onto the keel. The stem,stern and transem are glued to the keel as well.The bottomboards are screwed and glued onto the keel, ribs and transom . The splay is put on the bottomboards so that the sideboards join in.
You fix the sideboards to the bottom.
Then you put the topboards on.
Next you put on the gunnels.

The last thing you do is paint it.

By Ciara Walsh