Famine Theme

Replica  of  Famine  home

Newmarket Co. Kilkenny:

Throughout the Suir Valley and in a triangle between Callan , Thurles and Mitchelstown remnants of the famine period may be seen.
Newmarket Development Association have built a"Famine Theme Garden and Famine House", to commemorate 150 years post famine.
The garden is divided in two. A path to the left and one to the right.

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Recently  President  Mary  McAleese  opened  the Commemorative  Famine  Garden  of  Remembrance   at  Newmarket  Co.  Kilkenny.
Among   distinguished  gathering  she  praised  the  work  of  the  organising  Committee  for  their  dedication  to  the memory  of  those  who  died  and  perished  on the  coffin ships  as  well  as  to  those  who  survived  the ordeal  of  total  devastation, starvation  and  inhuman  conditions.
Their  memory  will  live on for  generations  yet unborn.
Here  are  depicted  some  images  of  the  path  to  destruction and  to  hope.

Famine  house  and entrance  gate  with  plaque.

Monolithic  sandstone  "Cairde  an Ghairdin".

Two  paths.  One  leading  left  to  starvation  and  death  on the  coffin ships.  The  other  to  the  right  to  successful  life  in  foreign  lands.

Bridge  and  paths

On  the  left  is  a  carving  depicting   the  skeletons  of  thos e who  perished.

Depicting  those  who  were  successful

The  Famine  story  written  in stone