Long ago, all the different fields had names associating them with something of historic interest, which happened there. In parts of the Country, those old Irish names are still preserved but alas, many of them are now forgotten. It is a great pity that they were not preserved as they would add considerably to our folklore collection. The following are the names of some of the fields in my district which fortunately were not allowed to die and be forgotten.

Páirc Glas			
Gort na Corraighe			
Bán Cnoic			
Garra caman			
Gort na Sráide		
Sráid Bheag			
Buail na gCoinne			
Garra Ceannaidhe			

The Green field
The rocky field
The hilly field
The hurling field
Street field
Little village
Battle against
Headstone field


These names are still in use but perhaps with the advent of heavy machinery and the different lifestyles of people they do not have the same connotations for the younger generation.We hope to add to this page and give meanings for the remaining fields when further research will be done.