The Quantum Prophecy is the first book in the New Heroes series. Lots of exciting things happen in it, but as not everyone has read the book yet we're not going to reveal much here - we don't want to spoil it for you!

For now, all we will say is that The Quantum Prophecy tells the tale of a certain bunch of characters - some good, some evil, some undecided - who become involved (or may be already involved) in a conspiracy that may or may not be connected to the mysterious disappearance ten years earlier of all of the world's superheroes and supervillains. Well, almost all...

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Note for readers in the US: The first book in the series is published under the title The Awakening; the series itself is called Quantum Prophecy!

03 January 2006
ISBN 978-0007210923
UK£5.99 PB

Philomel Books
05 April 2007
ISBN 0399247254
US$16.99 HC

Puffin Books
01 May 2008
ISBN 978-0142411797
US$7.99 PB

Ottakar's 2006 Children's Book Prize shortlist.

"A fantastic, fast-paced adventure that's perfect for boys and girls alike."
  - Sarah Harborn, Borders, writing for The Bookseller

"With interest in super heroes at a high, this book must surely be destined for success."
  - Rob Sanderson, Askews Library Services

"The Quantum Prophecy has all the essentials for a great read; fast, action packed, gripping and accessible. It is the perfect book to get children who love comic books into reading."

"...a story that reminds me of the days of the great children's adventure stories of the 1960s on BBC Light Programme Children's Hour. Great sense of adventure, this could be the start of something big!"

"A fast-paced adventure that deserves to be a hit."
  - Ireland on Sunday

"Action packed with twists and turns, a great start to a new series."

"If you love superheroes then you're gonna love this."

Book of the Month - January 06: "A fast-paced adventure that follows two boys developing extraordinary powers. Will they become our new superheroes?"

"If you like X-Men or The Incredibles, this book will blow you away."

"Extremely well written and very plausible. The book is the opening salvo in a series and I'm looking forward to where this one goes. It's a while since I've read this kind of intelligence in a boy's adventure story."
  - Farah Mendelsohn, The Inter-Galactic Playground

"A surprisingly deep and sophisticated book that also contains some seriously good action and brilliant one-liners. The plot is clever and so fast readers will find they can't put it down."
  - Kelley Townley,

"A gripping, modern read whose constituent genre parts - thriller, mystery, adventure - carry the reader along at a rapid rate of knots leaving one to think over the ideas that are being explored and with a definite thirst to learn what happens next..."
  - Jacob,

"I loved this book. Then I read it to my eight year old son, and he loved it too. In fact, more than once he was literally jumping up and down with excitement at the action."
  - Richmond Clements,

"There is so much more to this book than the fabulous action scenes, prepared to be dazzled (not least by the cover!)."

"The pace is fast, the story more than credible and the characters appealing. A coming-of-age story with a delightful twist."
  - Kirkus Reviews

"A likely hit with reluctant readers or kids who love adventure."
  - School Library Journal

"If you are looking for a fun, relaxing read then this is the book for you."
  - Dr. Dan Shade,

"Young guys especially have been clamoring for this book, and Carroll delivers quick, action-filled plots that will grab fans of the X-Men and NBC's 'Heroes.'"
  - Mark David Bradshaw,

"I highly recommend this book and its sequels"
  - Danielle Lavigne,

"An excellent book, well written and very hard to put down."
  - Lee Pheasant, Waterstone's Harrods

"Fans of superhero comics and movies will be thrilled with this fast paced story."
  - [One of three Books of the Week, 2007-06-29]

"An excellent fast-paced read for fans of comic book and superhero movies, especially reluctant readers... Hints of the X-men combine with mystery and James Bond style dangers to make this a winner."

"While you might think you are going to read a novelization of The Incredibles, you will quickly forget that movie and fall in love with this book for its own merits. Fast-hitting action and twisted plots - I see TV show or blockbuster written all over this one. Read it now! - ESSENTIAL"
  - Cindy M's Daily Reading

"The action is rigorously fast in places, making this a book easily read in one sitting. Carroll also does a good job shifting focus, keeping the reader wondering who exactly the good guys are for most of the story, which closes with a gem of a cliffhanger."
  - Publisher's Weekly

"Fantasy superheroes spill over from the world of fantasy into a world of real teenagers. A happy and gutsy romp."
  - Harry Harrison, creator of The Stainless Steel Rat

"Action so fast-paced as to fly off the page, never hides the timeless idealism of the human longing for heroes."
  - Tanith Lee, creator of Piratica

"I really enjoyed The Quantum Prophecy, and was compelled to keep reading to find out what happened!"
  - O. R. Melling, creator of The Chronicles of Faerie

"The Quantum Prophecy is a stunning accomplishment! Fans of Anthony Horowitz or Terry Pratchett will just adore this! This is classic science fiction!"
  - Michael Scott, creator of The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel

"Ideal for comics readers"
  - The Mighty Tharg, editor of 2000 AD