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FA Carling Premiership 1998/99
FAI Premiership 1998/99
Euro2000 Qualifiers
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Your personal internet robot dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest results, facts and figures from the world of football. This unique software is internet intelligent and knows exactly where to find all the football facts and figures that you want to know. So if you want the complete picture on the latest results and current league tables from your favourite league simply download Soccerbot now and let it do the rest!...

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Soccerbot is proud to bring information technology to football fans around the world. Soccerbot also serves local and amateur leagues with software designed to save YOU time and effort in running your league. Soccerbot and Your League

Soccerbot online results section is packed with results, scorer information and current league tables for many of the worlds top football leagues. The pages are updated daily and as such, rival any other results service on the Net. But to experience the full benefit of Soccerbot we strongly recommend you add them to your collection of Soccerbot Databases (SDBs) and follow them using the 'unrivalled' power of Soccerbot. let your computer do something worthwhile for a change and...

ukprem99.sdb FA Premiership Current league Table
Comprehensive Results
irprem98.sdb FAI Premiership Current league Table
Comprehensive Results
bundes98.sdb Bundesliga Current League Tables
Comprehensive Results
seriea97.sdb SerieA Current League Tables
Comprehensive Results
champs.sdb Champions League Current Group Tables
Comprehensive Results
wc98.sdb World Cup Current Group Tables
Comprehensive Results
Euro2000.sdb European Championships 2000 Current Group Tables
Comprehensive Results
Amateur Football Network Current League Tables
Comprehensive Results

Soccerbot is software that you run on your computer. You can run it when you're offline and use the many features of Soccerbot to analyse league tables and results in depth. When you're online running Soccerbot, you can update the latest result and scorer information at the click of a button. Soccerbot 'automagically' gets the latest results in minutes and then fills them into your personal database.
You follow football....Soccerbot does the rest.

Each league you follow using Soccerbot is contained in a file called an SDB (Soccerbot DataBase), Premiership 97/98 is an SDB for example. Once you have Soccerbot software you can add as many leagues as you want from a growing number of SDBs available...including
Bundesliga, Serie A, Spainish Div 1, Champions league, Euro 2000 Qualifiers...etc.
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