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and welcome to the Chuffer Dandridge website. This site currently features all of Chuffer's diaries and Chuffer's Wogan e-mails, and has additional features added and updated on a regular basis. There's plenty of interactivity and closer looks at the supporting cast of the diaries. You can also find dedicated pages for most of the characters that populate Chuffer's crazy world.

If you want to hear a few of Chuffer's best bits from Wake Up To Wogan go to the Chuffer Wogan Snippets page. There are also now snippets on the most recent Wogan e-mail pages, just click on one of the links to the left to read the e-mails and listen to one of the readings.

The Random Diary Entry has moved to the Chuffer's Wogan Chums page, so there's always something new to see there.

Of course you can still access all the diaries through the links on the right of this page, so you can catch up on missed days and see all the photos from Chuffer's long and varied career.


Don't put your mother on the stage !


We now have a link to a fantastic TV Guide where you can check the listings for all your TV and Radio programmes and a Google search bar to facilitate all your web searches.

Don't forget that the "Quote of the Day" can provide you with a little whimsy each morning to ease you into your busy day, while "Chuffer At The Movies" will give you a daily synopsis of one of Chuffer's many ventures into the world of film.

If you're new to the world of Chuffer, you may be wondering who he is, and what all the fuss is about. The quickest way to find out is to go directly to The Beginning and make your way from there.





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There is now also a page dedicated to Chuffer's Chums from the Wogan show featuring what are believed to be rare photos of the likes of Dylan Coriander and Dame Poppy Fanshaw. Have a look on Chuffer's Wogan Chums. Thanks to Mick Sturbs of the TOGS website for his very kind link and welcome to listeners of the Wake Up To Wogan programme. Chuffer is a regular contributor to the fun and games over at the new TOGs Forum. Tansy Whytebitts also has a site at Tansy's Blog and Nat West has a site at Nathan's Blog.

The famous and hilarious Janet and John CD, which is raising much-needed cash (white fivers etc) for Children In Need is available at this link Janet And John CD.

For a great way to relieve stress in this hectic world. Just click on Dickie's Balls.



To hear Terry, Deadly and Lyn cracking up during a Chuffer reading, click on the play button below. To hear more excerpts go to the Chuffer Wogan Snippets page. There are more snippets on the most recent Wogan e-mail pages.


Click on the play button below to see a video for a beautiful song called "If You Feel" by Cormac O'Caoimh from his album "Start A Spark".

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Pauly Walters

Paul "Pauly" Walters passed away in October of 2006 following a long illness. Pauly (or Dr Wally) produced the award-winning Wake Up To Wogan show until his illness was diagnosed in November 2005. Even after that he continued to choose the music for the programme. Anyone who listened to the show will cherish his gentle wit and the joyful banter he shared with Terry, Deadly, Boggy and Fran. He was very supportive of Chuffer, for which we are very grateful.

Cheery pip, Pauly.

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Click for more on Smudge. Click for Reviews Tosser's Corporate Site Jumbo's Hairpiece Easy as Pie !!


A Handsome Bunch !!


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