St. Michael's College

St Michael's College was founded by the Catholic bishop of Kerry more than one hundred years ago to provide education for boys in the North Kerry area. Its original school population of about 70 was multi-denominational, including the son of the local Protestant clergyman, alongside the sons of evicted tenants. It was originally to be located in The Square in Listowel. This building was inadequate and when the present building, which was built before 1845 as a fever hospital, became vacant it was bought for the college. Until fairly recently the "professors", as the teachers were known, were remembered as much for their strict discipline as for their love of learning. In its role as a diocesan college it produced, over the years many students for the priesthood and religious life.

It was extended during the 1950's and again after the centenary celebrations in 1979 when the present large extension was built. The college was first noted as a school for the Classics and many of its original students went on to study Greek and Latin at university. Recently the emphasis has been on more modern subjects like Business and the Sciences.

Many of the writers from North Kerry are past pupils of this college. Even though cricket was the game first played here, in more recent times many footballers who played for Kerry learned their skills in St Michael's.

The Principals of St. Michaels to date were

I am always interested in establishing contact with past pupils of the college. If you are a past pupil of St. Michael's I would love to hear from you. You can send me an email from here. Please include the year you left school. Click to send me a message.
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