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Welcome to Carmel and Alex's Home Page, and to Ireland, the land of a thousand welcomes.

On the Dingle Peninsula - credits to David Young - fellow Leica nut from Logan Lake, BC, Canada
Why not pay a visit to his website after you've browsed through this one?

We live a few miles outside Cork City way up on a hill, so we have great views of spectacular Irish sunsets.

As Carmel has recently retired after 36 years in the floristry business, we're now free to do what we want when we want.

From this page you can view:

Impressions of Leicas and Nikons - very much our own personal experiences.

Musings on NAS - Nikon Acquisition Syndrome - highly addictive and very infectious!

Our epic trek along Ireland's River Barrow in the so-called summer of 2007 can be seen here.

In May 2007 we made an expedition to Vienna and Budapest, travelling between the two by a fast hydrofoil on the Danube. Images of Vienna can be seen here. The Budapest sequence can be seen here.

Shots of the 2006 LHSA meet in Wetzlar (taken with everything from a 70 year-old LTM up to the new digital M8) can be seen here

Pictures of our June 2006 trip to Tuscany, Italy can be seen here

Shots of Irish rugby fanatics at play (Nikon F4 & Coolpix) can be accessed here

The interesting story of a black-paint Leica which was considerably older than it seemed can be viewed here

Our recent winter trip to the wonderful Catalan city of Barcelona (taken with old Leica glass) can be viewed here

Pages featuring the story of my 'new' 85/1.5 Summarex and shots from my first roll can be seen here

For shots of our 2001 Canadian/Alaskan trip (all taken with Leica glass), you can also click here.

For shots of our 2002 visit to Rome and Ostia Antica (taken with Nikon Fs), click here.

Shots using the wonderful Leica 50/1 Noctilux lens can be accessed here.

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