Homage to Barcelona 2005

Barcelona is a great walkable city with a lot to see and do. As the capital of Catalonia, it has a very different feel from other Spanish cities, and is justly famous for the wonderfully eccentric buildings created by Gaudi and his contemporaries.

For this trip I took along my 'beater' Leica M2 with the 35/1.4 Summilux, a IIIf with my 'new' 85/1.5 Summarex, and a IIIa with my recently overhauled 50/1.5 Summarit

The light in Barcelona is wonderful - the low winter sun really picks out the detail and makes interesting shadows, albeit that the extreme contrast can make metering a little tricky. My old Weston Master V with Invercone coped very well.

Gaudi spire Barcelona

Gaudi spire (chimney?) at the Casa Batllo. Most of this building is occupied by a bank, but the top floors and terrace are accessible to the public.

Leica M2, 35/1.4 Summilux (early)

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