Our Favourite Cameras

We've used Leicas and Nikons extensively over the years, and enjoy using both these famous marques.

In this digital and automated age it may seem peculiar to keep on using cameras which for the most part are over 30 years old and are all manual focus. But that's a big part of the enjoyment.

In our view, these old soldiers can still produce results which are every bit as good as their newer counterparts. It just takes a little more time and effort.

This is just a very personal view of various models and why we like them.

Leica M

We regularly use the M2, M3, M4-P and a Wetzlar M6 with a variety of lenses from 21mm up to 135mm.

The great virtue of this design is that it doesn't really matter which model you're using: they all have the same layout and the same 'Leica feel'. Add to this their small size, positive rangefinder focusing, and quiet shutter, and you have a wonderfully unobtrusive way of creating pictures.

These days we tend to use the shorter focal lengths (21/35/50) to which the rangefinder system is ideally suited. One M lens which certainly revolutionises your way of using these cameras is the 50/1 Noctilux. Not only does it take you into the realms of 'available darkness', but the shallow depth of field encourages you to use it in creative ways. It's a steep learning curve, and we have a long way to go. You can see our first efforts by clicking here.

Leica lenses in general have a 'feel' which is different from many of their Nikon counterparts. There is a warmth and plasticity to the images which contrasts with the rather more clinical rendering of many Nikkors.

In summary, a classic design - and the one camera we'd never be without.

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