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One's only failure is failing to live up to one's own possibilities. Everyone can be a king and should be treated as one

                                                    Abraham Maslow

I envy the birds their wings to fly away
                                         John Clare

One inch of joy surmounts of grief a span
Because to laugh is proper to a man.

Heedless of the proud world's enjoyment
I prize the attention of my friends
and only wish that my employment
could have been turned to worthier ends.

I am not conceited. It is just that I have a fondness for
the good things in life and I happen to be one of them.
- K  Kenneth Williams


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What fuckin' smokin' ban?

Welcome: my name is Ciaran Pairceir. I am a person of some ability with a disability, well actually two disabilities.

Specifically I have a doctorate in history. I am also partially sighted. This should have been enough, but I have been saddled with Multiple Sclerosis as well. Just because life's a bitch doesn't mean she can't be enjoyed.

I know that talking about my disaililties annoys the hell out of a tiny yet vocal and envious minority in Cavan, who laugh at my disabilities and seek to belittle my achievements. But fuck them! they are nobodies no matter how important they think they are.

My passions in life are reading, writing, listening to music and sharing a laugh. I also try to live life to the utmost.

This website reflects my many varied interests: writing, poetry, music, world affairs, linguistics, as well as a heady dose of self appraisal.

To those who take offence I quote the learned Erasmus: "There is merit in being attacked by Folly."

Where would I be without the Internet? Probably in the rubber gun brigade by now. For someone stuck in the middle of nowhere it's a link with a wider world.

So, welcome to the extensive portion of my world which is my website. It can be seen as a hybrid; with elements from the academy of ancient Athens and a modern pirate radio station. So tune in to Ciaran Parker's Pot pourri FM - your peripatetic station with attitude and animation - and why not drop out too. After all, as the song says: "...there's nothing to get hung about. Strawberry Fields Forever!"

Regnet Amnesia! 

Some visitors to my site have apparently been shocked. I don't think they've been visiting the right pages, for it is here that the really shocking material is.


These pages should not be viewed by anyone lacking a sense of humour. In fact, humourless gets have no business looking at them at all

Before you get to the end of this sentence someone will have died of starvation. Help make a difference. Visit the Hunger Site

Remember Bob Hoskins and the BT advertisement campaign in which he tried to instruct the Great British Public about what to do with a 'phone? Well, in spite of Hoskins' Hammiest Hour I still believe it's good to talk, so, if your animal has the red water or has failed the brucelosis test again, or if you've really got nothing better to do, why not
Talk about County Cavan

in the Cavan Chat Room - and get a link to your site from Cavan Links. Help is available.

But remember, if you feel like laughing, laugh out loud! Don't be afraid to be happy, even at someone else's expense, and be proud of being able to see the funnier side of life...


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