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Here you will find background stories and information on CRAN's songs and tunes and the whole rich and wonderful tapestry of Irish tradition. Also included will be the much-requested texts and notes for CRAN's second album, BLACK, BLACK, BLACK and a compilation of CRAN's tunes in ABC format.

To start us off - the famous recipe for STAIMPí !! :-

Staimpí (often called BOXTY in the north of the country) is an old traditional peasant potato cake or dumpling which was very popular when Irishmen had to work very hard and needed to replace huge amounts of calories after slaving away all day in the fields.

The basic mix is made by peeling and finely grating some potatoes. These are then put into a muslin cloth and all the liquid is squeezed out of them into a glass bowl. Keep the dried potato and leave the liquid to stand until the starch (uit de aardappelen getrokken zetmeel) falls to the bottom as a white sediment leaving clear water on top. Pour the water off, leaving the starch in the bowl. The dried grated potato is then mixed with the starch to make a dough. A little flour can be added if it is not binding well. This is then made into flat thin cakes and fried. It is very filling!

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