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Jon-a-thug noBalls Degeneracy Memorial Page

~~Jonathan Ball~~
You're a dirty liar, and I
want to make that plainly known.

As to who pays me, that's not something you need to know.




There once was a numbnut called JonnyBall,
Who knew f*** all about f*** all.

Though he tried hard to hide it,
And tried long to deny it..

The effort made him look more a fool.


Like a bit of a dare eh ~~Jonnie~~. I think it may be a good
idea to give you the publicity for which you constantly crave.
You are a troll ballboy ~~jonnie~~. A timewaster, a liar,
a fraud and most of all a crass bore.


> It is a pseudo-ethics, across the board.

Says the biggest liar, and one of the more biased
and logic-impaired participants in tpa.
That's pretty much all Liar Jon has: *his* biased hate-filled
thoughts of how others think, dishonestly passed off as fact.


Your entire argument relies completely and utterly upon
what you believe people think rather than any factual
evidence against veganism or animal rights theory. Day
after day you use the same ad hominem approach instead
of anything even close to a rational criticism, and I've yet
to see you make a single valid point.




And the evidence for *that* claim is...?


Well, would you care to address the points I raised? You still haven't done
so. You keep making blanket assertions, demanding proof of other people's
assertions without providing any of your own, and ignoring those proofs that
are shown to you.


Ball doesn't believe in supplying evidence that he understands
a given position (because there is no such evidence).  He will not
give up, but instead he will continue to irritate you by pretending
that he's right while ignoring your calls for evidence and elaboration.
He simply isn't here to take part in discussions, but to irritate others.
Such incorrigible trolls find themselves blocked by my kill file -
they simply aren't worth the exasperation.


You have nothing to teach Gonad. You insist that
your moronic ideas are facts, without backing them up
in any way. You haven't got a damn thing of value to offer never have and most likely never will.
You are so without a clue of what you are talking about,
that you don't even know how ignorant you are.


> Gee, that comes from "Slippery Slope", an anonymous person on usenet
> whose credentials I know nothing of.  I am totally convinced.  Thanks
> for clearing that up.
> Excuse me while I modify my killfile.

Fuck off, ******.  Goddamned fucking pusillanimous
punk.  Eat shit and die.


Goober attacks people whose postings scare him. Anyone posting
rational, informative posts is a threat to Goober.


It figures you'd immediately resort to name-calling, false
and unproven claims, and a panicky retreat when you are
put on the spot.


You have a serious anger problem. I suggest you seek professional help.

So you cannot answer my questions? You, once again make things up, like
me being a science fraud, because you are not aware of my background.
You have yet to show any actual understanding of science. So far, you
have only made false statements about science. And your argument
remains flawed.

Still ignoring the request to back up any of your claims, aren't you?

Have you ever given one iota of 'proof' beyond your own opinion?

You deride my 'experience', even though it was in addition to work done by
reputable scientists who have studied the situation more formally and
continue to give us absolutely *nothing* beyond your own 'experience'.

What makes you think that your 'opinion' *alone* is worth anything?

Haven't you noticed that RC hasn't commented on any of the scientific
links I've sent, nor has he supplied links (from reputable sources)
which support his (rudely) expressed position?  Instead, he gets his
undies in a bunch and calls anyone receptive to dialog vulgar names.

Methinks it's time to save intelligent conversation for people
interested in exploring the topic instead of responding to his temper


You haven't answered the question regarding proof of your theory.
Until then, you can be as retarded as you like, but you still have an
unfounded theory.
Are you the person someone is refering to as Goo, as in Goober?
It seems to suit you.
If you really want to waste your time on a flame war, look elsewhere. They
are boring and infantile.

Just prove your theories like an adult.


Faking quotes, forged posts, lies, filth, harassment.


She's described you exactly. Don't you feel just a little bit
ashamed of yourself, or are you the shameless type as
well on top of everything else? Let's be honest - you
haven't got much going for you, have you?

Those who lie, tamper with quotes, forge posts with
multiple identities, use filth and harass others have
no credibility. YOU have no credibility, and that lack
is persistent.




This Leif character certainly seems like a whack job.


The amazing thing is that you never tire of embarrassing and denigrating
yourself in public like this.  That is an interesting insight into the depth
of your mental illness.

[ The Psychopathic or Sociopathic Personality ]


I think you're mad, in at least two senses of the word.


You haven't supplied any evidence to support
your claim, and while dodging my repeated
requests for it you go all out to avoid mine, so
what's your problem, Jon? I don't think you're
up to this sort of stuff anymore. You know you
haven't a valid argument and you simply don't
even care about the lies and forged posts you
write in other posters names. You've lost it.


 > Now it appears that Jonathan Ball has been stealing both Benfez'
> name and my email address -- and this isn't the first time he's been
> fingered for committing such transgressions.  In fact, it appears he's
> had quite a prolonged history of forging and stealing other's identities:
> Ironically, Bawl, you enjoy lecturing others on their perceived lack
> of ethics and morality.   Yet I'm hard-pressed to find anything
> remotedly ethical about using dishonest means in an attempt to deceive
> and mislead.  Care to explain this little lapse in judgement, Bawl?

Jonathan Ball doesn't understand morals nor ethics, yet he will
criticize those of others.

I have no idea who or what Johnny Ball is or isn't, but his posts
speak for themselves.


> You have an inglorious history in usenet.  The context is clear.  You
> are willfully perverse.

Funny thing is RUDY, that you don't seem to understand the history of
usenet. You do not stimulate educated or worthwhile
perplex must be one hell of a sad loser with no cause to
believe in.  You spend your time baiting people...seriously...get a life.
There is this funny old place called 'the real world'. you should visit
it sometime to get real wouldn't last.


Poor old Jon Ball lives in his own fantasy world as do many men with the
small man syndrome.  He exhibits all the signs - he trys to think of himself
as a big person by continually peeing on everything and everyone.  He has
no credibility here and never has.  He writes about use of logic but then
writes things that suggest that his logic is out to lunch.

Don't be too hard on him as he has obviously had a hard time lately as his
stress levels seem to be at an all time high.  His guttermouth and apoplexie
is running at maximum at the moment.  Just wait a while and he'll return to
more moderate levels of filth and bile.


Leif Erikson wrote:

> fuck...  bullshit... shitbag

There, there, little man. Do you feel better getting that off your chest?


Leif: abusive language is an admission of defeat.




Isn't it time for you to have another name change?


Leif Erikson wrote:

> I *knew* you wouldn't be able to ignore me for long

I thought it was you.  Thanks for admitting it so readily.

Killfile this persona.


You really do like the fallacyof ad hominem. I guess
personal attacks are your Gestalt therapy?


Leif Erikson spends a lotta time in these groups.

A lot. This guys lives to call people silly names--
he goes on and on................worthless drivel is his twin.

Just ignore him.


You are far too eager to claim to have made your point without
any evidence.  Simply stating you have done so does not make
it so.


You're making a fool of yourself, Leif, Rudy, or whoever you are
this week if you think you've come out on top of this debate. Why
don't you answer R*****'s questions and let him show you your
errors and hypocrisy? Running away while shouting "I've won" isn't
at all convincing.


You are the biggest "reflexologist" on this thread - everything you post is a reflexive
knee-jerk response, kind of like you "think" with your spinal marrow. If a dentist were to drill
a little hole in your head, stick a big needle in and freeze your brain, who'd know the difference?


Yawn!  I don't think my killfile will be a deeply flawed response to
discovering another troll in alt.FOOD.vegan.  I'll say my goodbye's now
since we will not be seeing much of each other anymore.

Life is short.  I recommend having a fulfilling job that pays you well,
a rewarding relationship with a partner, and learning to like yourself.

I think you will find that striving for and having (at least some of )
these things will diminish your desire to go trolling on the internet, will be a happier human being.

Swallow your pride and think about it.  Life is to short to find
yourself one day taking stock of your life and realize you spent more
than a small amount of time teasing people on the internet.

Later dude.

Good luck with the life.




worthless jaberwocky sliced--

Grief Screamington is at it again; here is the textbook example of


I think it's so cute that you erase the parts you just dont like
<snicker>.....FYI.. this stuff is ARCHIVED....  <snicker>


You failed to make sense above and continue to throw your toys out of
the pram when the shortcomings of your 'arguments' are pointed out.

You are a waste of space time and rations.  Who knitted you ?


The only one who's "wrong" here, Leif, is you. You spit your hateful
insults like a 5-year old throwing a tantrum. Grow up, get a life and a
real name. Then maybe you won't be such a loser.


You on the other hand seem to have decided the answer you require
beforehand and then continually shifted, redefined and refined the goalposts
until you got what you were looking for.  Trouble is it only works if kept
away from the real world.


Leif, as usual, is engaging in delusional
fantasies about other people.

Leif is a pitiful and abject coward.


As long as you address me in this manner, I'll be ignoring you. If you
want to have a discussion, be polite. If you want to be foul-mouthed and
insulting, count me out.


You seem apt at giving names to people but you can't even
read and understand posts nor quote them correctly.


I think that I will stay out of your private arguments from now on.
Anyone capable of the amount of absolute certaintly that you both
possess, while neither of you knows anything at all, was going to bore
me eventually.


You simply do not have the courage to discuss ANY issue with me in a
polite, intellectually-honest manner; you are afraid to do so, because you
know you would fail in every exchange.  You are an intellectual coward,
and that is the reason you try to hide this fact with all the vicious,
psychopathic behavior.


Once again- people cant seem to have a debate without getting nasty.
seriously- if someone is trying to have a conversation with you- do you
always resort to name calling almost straight away? is it necessary?


Using uncalled for nicknames and referring to people by epithets
does not normally show the work of a mature mind.


Name calling contest? Man I hate those but;

I don't want to make you sound like a pseudo-scientific bag of noxious hot
air, with an absurd, abhorrent, malicious book of goatherder tribalisms,
parroting your tired socio-babble on stereotypical social characatures and
posting your effluent pap riddled with logical fallacies and irrelevancies,
but to save a lot of time bickering back and forth, let this be the
conclusion of the whole matter, please; that you don't stand a chance
against me and my knowledge of logic.


Do you always SHOUT and use abusive language when you disagree
with someone? Is everyone who has an opinion different from yours "a
ninny"? You obviously cannot be taken seriously unless you learn how
to comment without having a temper tantrum.
>> Are you free of political infection and contamination,
>> by the way? I would venture that you are not.


>  Your insults only further damage your credibility ...

    Isn't that interesting??  The "people" who frequently claim
intellectual, educational, and moral superiority, noBalls being the supreme
example, not only can not engage in a polite, rational exchange, but
frequently denigrate themselves further by spewing insults, vulgarity, lies,
personal attacks, transparent propaganda, etc.  And, they are so stupid as
to not know that they have long-ago destroyed any credibility or
self-respect by doing so.
    How idiotic is that?  This behavior is quite typical of the alcoholic,
who, having absolutely no self esteem, tries to pump up his own ego
and delusions of self worth by lashing out at everyone around him.

>  Also, your attitude only makes me more confident
> that I am correct in my Christian beliefs.

  One does not have to be an adherent of any faith to be civil in public
and manifest normal standards of polite academic exchange.  It is only the
self-destructive psychopath that refuses to accept normal human standards,
and by doing so reduces himself to a sub-human state.


Oooooooh, touchy, touchy.

This 'meat eater' got out of the wrong side of the coffin this morning.


If you disagree with people who speak out, speak out to make the opposite
case.  If you can't make the opposite case, abandon your position rather
than resorting to pressure tactics.


Perhaps someone else that is more documented in psychology could
come up for a word to describe this behavior.

I see it as mean, nasty, and when it give someone pleasure to hurt
someone, a sign of sickness and even potentially dangerous.

Not to mention insecure.


It would be funny, if it wasn't so pathetically sad.

He comes across as a somewhat advanced 5 year old, unable to respond with
anything other than "because I say so" and 'everyone other than him is a
F**wit'. Nothing but profanity and a total lack of any reasoning
capability. He appears to have *no* valid knowledge base from which to
work. Has he ever heard of the 'scientific method'? Did he finish grammar
school?, high school, college? If he did any of these, then it is a really
sad reflection on our 'educational' system.

His childish behavior should be apparent to everyone.


> So basically you can't explain yourself, and are reduced to snide
> whining about the people whose time you have wasted.
Understand me, he
cries, not comprehending his
real problem, we do.


Your attack is dishonest, cruel, mean, and filled with little more
than insults.  I came to this newsgroup looking for someone to
honestly defend meat eating.  I failed miserably.

BB...  Why do you even bother to argue with people when all you do
is insult and criticize them?  You don't hope to grow through mutual
understanding.  You hope to shove your beliefs down other people's
throats and then expect them to listen.  If you have any goal in this
newsgroup other than acting like an assh*le, you really ought to
change your methods.


> My, oh my.  Someone has too much hostility.  Must
> be all the dietary impurities.  ;)

Oh, you don't know about Jon-a-thug noBalls?
He is arguably the most intentionally-obnoxious of all the
hostile, meatarian trolls who haunt the veg*n ng's, hoping to
suck innocent newbies into meaningless dialog and then blast
them with lies, personal insults, vulgarity, and verbally-violent
assaults. Killfile him and the rest of his ilk.


A personal attack you can't back and is not true.


You are well-known here as an abusive bully.


> Well, another one has come and gone, or pretty close to
> it:  the moronic Aussie windbag "---- -----".  We're
> getting pretty close over in with some
> fuckwit going by "---_-------", too.
> Dump has often raged (impotently) at me for driving
> "new posters" away.  In fact, it isn't something I set
> out to do; certainly not as an end in itself.  Rather,
> there's a certain type of new poster, of which the
> unlamented "---- -----" is - excuse me, WAS - an
> excellent example, that I just KNOW, at the outset,
> will not be able to stick around.  When I spot the
> twits for that kind of poster, THEN it does become a
> game to try to drive them, preferably in tears, from
> the newsgroups.  I know they're going; the game is in
> trying to get them by the nape of the neck and propel
> them through the doors of the saloon.  (Why IN THE F*CK
> do the idiot Brits refer to a large luxury sedan as a
> "saloon" car?)
> So, we've made pretty short work of "---- ------", just
> as a couple of weeks ago we made short work of "-----".
>   This other fuckwitted troll who keeps changing his
> name every other day (but not his dull plodding style),
> most recently "---- -------", isn't long for the groups,
> either.  He's a little more persistent than others, but
> he has "short-timer" written all over him in indelible ink.
> Start crying, Dump.

Yep -- nice, but not surprising, to see you come clean about your
sadistic game of "My newsgroup, MINE...waaah, someone doesn't
think I'm God; get rid of him 'in tears'."  It's not the subject,
or even the pleasure of rational debate, with you, jonnie.  It's
the evil sense of power, control, and cruelty.  There's a sick streak
of viciousness and pettiness in you which is obvious to everyone,
and extremely unattractive and disturbing.

[ 'A psychopath, in this instance, the cyberpath, is merely
looking for a way to fill in his time with empty exploits.
They are highly narcissistic, and the internet provides
fodder for them. I have known various cyberpaths, and
they move from victim to victim, seeking people to feed
their endless need for narcissism. When you've found
them out, or they tire of you, they move on to the next
victim, or target for narcissistic supply.

Dominance and power are recurring themes in the
social relations of psychopaths.

Dominance, power, and having followers are very
important to the cyberpath's need for total adulation
and control. Cyberpaths absolutely bask in adulation,
many using pity, in a most conniving way, to get the
attention that they need. Sometimes the way a
cyberpath asserts his control is done subtly.
He is motivated primarily by the need to dominate
and humiliate either the person he is 'taking' or, very
often someone connected to a person with whom he
is involved.

Cyberpaths relish in another's humiliation, which may
appear to us as a certain, perverse quality. They take
pleasure in what we find obscene, because they are
not like other people, they have no true connection to
anybody, and are incapable of feeling real love.
Messing with another person's emotions and life is
merely a way to pass the time, pulling one over on
you is fun and enjoyable.
Once having drained what they can from one source,
they turn to others to exploit, bleed, and then cast aside;
their pleasure in the misfortune of others is unquenchable.
People are used as a means to an end; they are to be
subordinated and demeaned ...the pleasure they gain
from their ruse often flags once the rewards of deceit
have been achieved.

Before long, their true unreliability may be revealed as
they "stop working at" their deception or as their need
grows to let others know how clever and cunning they
have been

A cyberpath may keep you hooked for as long as they
need your narcissistic supply. ]


LMAO.  Have you acted like a whiney bitch your whole life or is
this just an Internet thing?


For anyone wondering, I'm neither --- nor ----, nor anyone Mr. Ball
is very acquainted with.  I do however hate a net-bully.  I believe
that people ought to have the right to freely voice their thoughts and
opinions without being subject to personal attack.  Unfortunately
there exist a few individuals who have a habit of turning newsgroups
supposedly devoted to "A" topic into vicious interrogations on the
personal matters of other posters, often cleverly manipulating the
other posters into taking sides and believing these "personal" issues
are of more importance than they merit.  It's sick.  It's sad, and
it's quite childish IMHO -- like witnessing "Lord of the Flies" in
text medium.

After reviewing Mr. Ball's posting history, I feel he is a
particularly loathsome standout in that category.  He appears to have
a long and extensive history of turning newsgroup discussion into
personal attacks on various posters.  My impression is that he is a
deeply troubled individual who is probably in need of psychiatric

I have just given Mr. Ball a dose of his own medicine  -- with the
promise that there's always more where that came from.   ...That, and
the admonishment that it's not always wise to be throwing stones in
glass houses.




Why the need to call this person an assh*le? Why is that you are so damn predictable?
You never stop with the demands for that others stay on topic, yet your topic is always
on being an abusive schmuck!

I encourage everyone to be aware that Joni Ball is not here to discuss meat/beef
efficiency or animal costs. He is here to troll for arguments to justify being
an abusive assh*le. He especially can not control himself with women.
He is an unashamed misogynist.


These OT posts have anti-female written all over them, just as
your vitriolic targeted attacks on female posters do.

You are a nasty sh*t ~~jonnie bingo~~.


> I think he's got a problem with women / sex.

Heck, I don't "THINK" he has a problem, I KNOW he has a problem.
It doesn't take a psych degree to tell he's almost certainly abusive to
his wife (and she's almost certainly number three or four), that he is
boiling with rage all the time and he uses the relative anonymity of the
internet to express that rage.
He says he works at home.  That's likely due to the fact that he cannot
get along with women in a workplace.
He's a prime candidate for psychotrophic drugs, otherwise he is going
to blow a blood vessel some day soon.


> > He likes to bluster and whine.  He's committed much more
> > actionable offenses such as stalking.
> No one has committed any "stalking", c*nt.
> Shut the f*ck up.

You do stalk the women in these and other groups, Jon,
and you even go over to alt.weddings when there aren't
enough women here. To do it effectively, you invariably
have to change your email address so as to dodge their
kill files they've put you in. Besides of your lying, regular
forgeries and virus sending, you have a penchant for
stalking women and always have had since I've known
you. Your name and reputation is shit, Jonathan ball.


> >> and you're full of shit and have
> >> zero moral standing at all.
> >
> >
> > So says the net stalker who attempts to get rid of dissenters
> > by abuse and intimidation.
> Not trying to get rid of anyone, fuckwit "p-----v-----".

You can deny all you like but the evidence is all over this
newsgroup in your exchanges with G-------. You believe
(s)he is the same person you successfully drove out of
the newsgroup with your unbridled nastiness in the past
and you are trying to do so again. Why, I don't know.
Perhaps you recognize her as a threat because she
sounds educated and reasonable. Perhaps you just
enjoy being a bully.


>> Why do you harass women in this environment?
> I don't harass women in any environment.

You harass women in every post -- you are one of the most
misogynistic people I have ever read.  Even your terms of
abuse for male posters demonstrate a deep hatred of women.


BTW the one with irrational obsessions
about certain people here is clearly you.


"You know, in a certain way, I wish I lived near these two bitter hags.
I would carefully research the laws about harassment, and I would run
right up to the edge of the law in tormenting the two of them."


> The word harassment means:


Forget it, GregGeorge.  It means nothing, and you're
going nowhere with it.

I'll write what I like, GregGeorge, and you'll do
nothing about it.  Got it, impotent GregGeorge?  You'll
just sit there, and read it, and TAKE it.  You're an
impotent little wog, and you're not going to change

You get the last word, GregGeorge.  The last
meaningless, frustrated-bitchy-little-wog word.


> > You do stalk the women in these and other groups, Jon,
> I don't.  You don't know what constitutes stalking.

You harass women ~~jonnie_the_woman_hater~~ and you target
individuals, and that can be construed as stalking.

You have a psychological problem ~~jonnie_the_woman_hater~~.

I'm trying to get a professional opinion of your posts, so we'll wait,
but a quick view was you have an issue with domination.

It has been noted ~~jonnie_the_woman_hater~~ that you nymshift
to reach your targets.

You are mentally ill ~~jonnie_the_woman_hater~~.

Please get some help.


With nuts like you on the internet I'm not giving you personal data.


You are a disgusting homophobe, racist, and misogynist. ...
You are sadly deluded in thinking that you are competent to judge me to be
a "dilettante" and an "intellectual lightweight". You are absolutely pathetic
in your all-consuming need to insult and denigrate people on the Internet.
You are also absolutely pathetic in the amount of energy you put into
finding moral fault with people who do considerably more than you to
reduce the amount of suffering in the world, people who accept and live
up to moral standards far more demanding than those which you do,
people who are your moral and intellectual superiors. You totally lack
any intellectual or moral credibility.

Furthermore, you are an abject coward.


A couple of interesting points from 'EarthLink's' TOS, which I eventually
found. It makes no mention of 'Abuse', but it does mention. [The continued
*posting* of off-topic articles is prohibited.]


[ Harassment. Using the Services to transmit any material (by email,
uploading, *posting*, or otherwise) that harasses another.]

Both you and Texas Ranger have been doing little else for the past
fortnight. No use telling 'lys' ~~jonnie~~it's there for everyone to see. As
for posting off-topic, I can't remember when you last posted on-topic.

Do you think that you are immune from ISP warnings? Granted you have
managed to dodge the issue thus far, but there are limits - yours is about to
expire. I know for certain you were behind the last two warnings I received
from NTL, I'm not certain about the one I received from BT. But for 'old
times' sake I will blame you.

When you're not stalking, you use these groups for internal American
political issues, you're a Usenet fraud ~~jonnie~~ with no sense of common
decency. Take the abuse from your garbage and what's left - nothing.

Nothing for the rest of us, but "all" for you. It matters little what you
post as long as you see Jonathan Ball plastered over the pages, you are
happy. Egomania springs to mind.

You're a sad little chappie ~~jonnie~~, but one day someone will give that
tree a good old shake and bring you down to earth with an almighty thump.
There will be nobody to give your hat a dusting and pick you up.

For your own sake, watch your lip.


Makes me laugh! Look at assh*le Ball trying to play Barney Fife! You
are one sick f*ck ball! You are the one that has no business here! What
the f*ck kind of life do you live that you have to resort to this kind of
sick power tripping. You are one sick f*ck that needs to be dealt with.
You get such a thrill out of believing that you are bossing women around.
As a father of daughters and a brother of sisters you would last ten
seconds in my hood you slimy coward punk!

Coward Johni Ball never passes up an opportunity to be abusive
to women. What a punk you are you little coward!

Boy has this fool got me laughing now! Who the hell is Mr (no) Balls to
talk about "ethical basis" for being here. The guy is a low life coward punk
of the worst kind. Then he laughingly brings up "character defect" You, Mr
Ball,  are the epitomy of "character defect" And of the worst thing you mention
is your suggestion that anyone but your failed parents "abandoned their son!"
Your parents should be locked up for spawning such a hateful assh*le as you!
Go back to sucking your thumb in the corner you loser!

Mr Ball shows no shame in his attacks and hatred for women.
As a deformed hunch back dwarf he decided early in life to hate those
that he felt rejected by. Never mind that many deformed people are
successful loving people that find love in life. He long ago gave up on love
and chose hate. The relative anonymity of a computer has given him the
ultimate tool of a coward full of hate.

 He knows how much hating and being hated is his life. That's all he
really knows. The rest is all a game to hate and be hated. It's what
feeds the fires inside. Love escaped him many years ago. He thrives
on conflict and abuse.

He is an empty shell that spews and pukes hate - especially at the women
that will never love him. Not because he is a hunch backed dwarf but
because he is a hate filled assh*le that deserves all the hate he begs for.

Shine on Mr Ball - you are a legend in your own mind.


Poor little woman-stalking goop.


> > you are
> > not only a verbally abusive person
> > but a physically abusive one too.
> I'm not.  But I'd beat the princess complex out of you.

So you like to beat people up.
Thanks for admitting that.


> You fuck the 8-year-old boy living next door to you up
> the ass twice a week.  Your brother fucks the little
> boy living next door to him five times a week.  Are you
> "more moral" than your brother, you filthy child
> molester?  NO.

Ah, now I see where your interests lie, you filthy old man


> Sodomizing the child next door
> only 1/3 as often as your sister
> does not make you virtuous.

Whoa.  There you go again with
your wanting to discuss the rape
of children.  I will not discuss that
with you.



Bullies project their inadequacies, shortcomings, behaviours etc on to
other people to avoid facing up to their inadequacy and doing something
about it (learning about oneself can be painful), and to distract and divert
attention away from themselves and their inadequacies. Projection is achieved
through blame, criticism and allegation; once you realise this, every criticism,
allegation etc that the bully makes about their target is actually an admission
or revelation about themselves. This knowledge can be used to perceive the
bully's own misdemeanours; for instance, when the allegations are of financial
or sexual impropriety, it is likely that the bully has committed these acts;
when the bully makes an allegation of abuse (such allegations tend to be vague
and non-specific), it is likely to be the bully who has committed the abuse.
When the bully makes allegations of, say, "cowardice" or "negative attitude"
it is the bully who is a coward or has a negative attitude.

In these circumstances, the bully has to understand that if specious and
insubstantive allegations are made, the bully will also be investigated.


how miserable must one be to put so much effort into
spreading negative energy?

grow up and worry about yourself.

your efforts are not effective or appreciated.




Been some time since I've stopped in to visit and see what's new
around here.  Things look better than they once were (nowhere near as
much crap, though the talk of the parental neglect case sure has been
beaten to death), and as much as I shouldn't be surprised, I am
somehow shocked to find Jon Ball still here.  I know that when I was
still into going into the territory of others just to stir shit up I
would usually get bored after a few days or weeks, but never would I
keep going back, day after day, for anywhere NEAR as long as he has.
Hell, I don't even have the drive to devote as much time to the things
I do care about as he does to things which he doesn't believe
in...what an unusual character, that one.  Didn't see anything
immediately by good 'ol David Harrison or whatever his name was,
but I'm sure if I dig around he's still here somewhere.  For his sake,
I sure hope not - if you can't convince someone of your side over a
year's time then you really should move on  So Jon, I suggest that you
do the same.  Take up knitting, stamp collecting or something of that
sort.  It looks rather sad to know that you still spend time here
which could be far better used on something constructive.  Just about
as constructive as if I go to a board that's run by dairy farmers and
tout the evils of milk - it matters not how true or untrue my
statements may be, but I'd look like a dork nonetheless if I kept
coming back over and over again.


assume and hate some more.

is this what you spend your day waiting to get home and do?

do you really think the people who get to read your
tripe await eagerly for your next post?

how many smiles do you spread with your existence?

show us all how much you care.

i'm curious as to your real goals in life.


What are your references? What do you have to back up
any of your claims *except* for your own 'opinion'?

So far, you haven't given anything *except* your claim of
'I am able to think', and that appears highly doubtful.

Prove it. Prove that *you* have emotions and prove that you have *any
cognitive ability*. All we can go on is your behavior which, in the final
analysis, is how all *emotions* in other people are defined and labeled.
And your *emotions* appear to us to be pretty shallow as well as the depth
of your intellectual reasoning.


>>>It is self evidently true.
>>    No it's not,
> Yes, it is.

Well!  I guess that settles that.


Jonathan Ball: Big Hit on the Playground Circuit.

Are not!

Are too!

Are not!


I wonder what criminal penalties
there are for boring people to death.


You mean to tell me you STILL labor under the delusion
that jonnie-boy is anything but a second-rate troll???
After all the proof he's offered for that conclusion?

Yeesh... I'm going to have to downgrade my opinion of you if you
actually still believe there's any sentience involved in anything that
kid spews.


You only care about the little things that
affect you personally, and not the larger issues
behind them. You are an 'extremist idiot'.

From what little I read of your writing,
you are clearly the one in pain, here.


Stop being a c*nt and just chill. You might be able to express your
feelings, but perhaps those feelings aren't appropriate. You get worked
up, other people get worked up, and in the end the conversation is
completely worthless.




I realize that insulting people may be more entertaining,
though, to say nothing of projecting and cathecting feelings
of guilt and anxiety, so if this is anyone's preference I'll try to
leave them alone and hope that they will return the favor.


Now, now, Goo, .....You have had your say and everyone has listened to
you. Now be a good boy and run along so the grown ups can talk.


You just earned blocked status troll.


How did you sneak out of the plonk filter? Do you change your email addy on
purpose just to be seen?


How do you know these things? You don't post links (let alone reliable
links)! Me thinks that you are full of SHIT!



You're not worth the effort it takes to respond to any more beyond this.


1.  Nobody gives a f*ck about your FAQ. They're not frequently asked,
your useless posts aren't needed.

2.  Your feeble attempts at spotlighting yourself are complete bullsh*t.

What mental defect do you have that a) compels you to want to tell us,
and b) falsely leads you to think anyone cares?  No one cares why a
shallow sh*tbag like you does anything.


As I said, you have cleared up nothing at all, except of course, reiterating
your lack of understanding, lack of intelligence and your stupidity.


Your personal attacks make it clear that you have nothing left to say.
You are quite a sad sad little man. So you can continue to post your ranting,
but I am sure that who ever hasn't disregarded you has done so by now.
Saddest part is that you truly believe that you have set up a better
argument and that all the insults prove that you are better than me.
Pathetic real pathetic.


Since your notions revolve around hate, self-hatred, hatred for
humanity, hatred for animals, I think your speculations spring
from your own withered soul.


Even if this Mr. Ball had at any point something worth reading
I won't bother. Any and all of his ramblings is ignored...


Killfile him and be done with it. The groups will be a much nicer place.


Please don't reply to him.
If you do he'll never go away.
Just ignore the little boy like the rest of us.

                                            /|  /|  |                                |
                                           ||__||  |        Please do        |
                                         /   O O\         _NOT_          |
                                       /          \          feed the          |
                                     /       \     \            trolls            |
                                   /    _     \     \ _______________|
             /    |\____\     \        ||
            /        | | | |\____/      ||
          /          \|_|_|/    |    _ _||
         /  /  \                  |   ___||
       /  |   | /|               |      --|
       |   |   |//         |____  --|
* _    |  |_|_|_|          |     \-/
 *-- _--\ _ \     //           |
      /  _     \\ _ //   |        /
*   /   \_ /  - | -     |       |
   *      ________ c_c_c_C/ \C_c_c_c____________


Take a running f*ck dwarf.
nobody is interested in you any more.
but there is one outstanding question from Derek.

How much longer can you 'Whiff Off'.
Do us all a favour and 'F*ck Off'

Get a life you sad bastard.



>>> buck-toothed,
>> No.  I had orthodontia over 30 years ago, and have
>> maintained very even dentition by having the discipline
>> to wear my retainers ever since.
> Haw!  Is it the kind that looks like a wire cage over your head?
Nope.  Just a little piece of plastic with a piece of
wire running around the front.
<< You are completely worthy of antipathy by any rational means. >>


You are a real ass, your self abuse and denial goes way beyond
normal bounds of xtreme, mental illness.

You have nothing, you are nothing and you'll ever be nothing. Not
because you are not like the rest of us, prepared to try, try and try
again to succeed, but because you seek to drag everyone into the same
gutter you have built for yourself, and you refuse to drag yourself
out. Now that is how low you have become, in reality. This is the only
life you know, self abuse, the only way to get people to talk to you
is to abuse them, given a choice we would just pass you by and leave
you in the gutter where you belong, and obviously were born.

Keep dreaming of new ways to gain attention buddy, you're a coward,
afraid to stand up for yourself and tell the world what you really
feel, unloved and unwanted.

Go figure.

You are SHIT as a man and a human being.
Don't you know this?  Everyone else does.

You sir are an ass!


"I have never lied here"
- Jonathan 'Psycho' Ball.

You lie reflexively, jonnie.

The truth is
always hard to hide,
accept it,
you are a liar,
been shown to be a liar
and still deny it.
You are just plain daft.

End of story, Liar Jon.


Daniel, 5:27

"These beings -- who were endowed with bad conduct of body,
speech, & mind, who reviled the noble ones, held wrong views
and undertook actions under the influence of wrong views --
with the break-up of the body, after death, have re-appeared in
the plane of deprivation, the bad destination, the lower realms,
in hell. "   -- Gopaka Moggallana Sutta, MN 108

You swine turd.
You vulgar little maggot. You worthless bag of filth.
You are a canker, a pus leaking sore, a weeping open wound.

You're a putrescent mass, a walking vomit.  You are a spineless little
worm deserving nothing but the profoundest contempt.  You are a jerk,
a cad, a weasel.  Your life is a monument to stupidity.  You are a
stench, a revulsion, a big suck on a sour lemon.

You are a curdled, staggering, buck-toothed, bow-legged, mutant dwarf
smeared richly with the effluvia and offal accompanying your alleged
birth into a hostile world made even more hostile by your presence.

You are insensate, meaningful to nobody, abandoned by the stupified,
puke-drooling, giggling beasts who sired you and then died of shame
in recognition of what they had done.  They were a bit late.

I will never get over the embarrassment of belonging to the same
species as you.  You are a monster, an ogre, a malformity.  I barf
at the very thought of you.  You have all the appeal of a paper cut.
Lepers avoid you.  You are vile, worthless, less than nothing.
You are scum, the dregs of this earth.

You snail-skulled little rabbit.  Would that a hawk pick you up,
drive its beak into your brain, and upon finding it rancid set
you loose to fly briefly before spattering the ocean rocks with the
frothy pink shame of your ignoble blood.  May you choke on the
queasy, convulsing nausea of your own trite, foolish beliefs.

You are weary, stale, flat and unprofitable.  You are grimy, squalid,
nasty and profane.  You are foul and disgusting.  You're a fool, an
ignoramus. Monkeys look down on you.  Even whores won't have
sex with you.  You are unreservedly pathetic, starved for attention,
and lost in a land that reality forgot.

You are a waste of flesh.  You have no rhythm.  You are ridiculous and
obnoxious.  You are the moral equivalent of a leech.  You are a living
emptiness, a meaningless void.  You are sour and senile.  You are a
loathsome disease, a puerile slack-jawed drooling meat slapper.

Your mother had to tie a pork chop around your neck just to get
your dog to play with you.   Hee-Haw is too deep for you.  You
would watch p*rn' all day if the other inmates would let you.

On a good day you're a half-wit.  You remind me of puke.  You are
deficient in all that lends character.  You have the personality of
wallpaper.  You are dank and filthy.  You are asinine and benighted.
You are the source of all unpleasantness.  You spread misery and
sorrow wherever you go.

You are so clueless that if we stripped you naked, soaked you in
clue musk, and dropped you into a field full of horny clues, You
still would not have a clue.

Try to edit your responses of unnecessary material before attempting
to impress us with your insight.  The evidence that you are a
nincompoop will still be available to readers, but they will be able
to access it ever so much more rapidly.

And what meaning do you expect your delusionally self-important
statements of unknowing, inexperienced opinion to have with us?
What fantasy do you hold that you would believe that your
tiny-fisted tantrums would have more weight than that of a leprous
desert rat, spinning rabidly in a circle, waiting for the bite of the snake?

I cannot believe how incredibly stupid you are.  I mean rock-hard
stupid.  Dehydrated-rock-hard stupid.  Stupid so stupid that it goes
way beyond the stupid we know into a whole different dimension
of stupid.  You are trans-stupid stupid.  Meta-stupid.  Stupid
collapsed on itself so far that even the neutrons have collapsed.
Stupid gotten so dense that no intellect can escape.  Singularity
stupid.  Blazing hot mid-day sun on Mercury stupid.  You emit
more stupid in one second than our entire galaxy emits in a year.
Quasar stupid.  Your writing has to be a troll.  Nothing in our
universe can really be this stupid.  Perhaps this is some primordial
fragment from the original big bang of stupid.  Some pure essence
of a stupid so uncontaminated by anything else as to be beyond the
laws of physics that we know.  I'm sorry.  I can't go on.  This is an
epiphany of stupid for me.  After this, you may not hear from me
again for a while.  I don't have enough strength left to deride your
ignorant questions and half baked comments about unimportant
trivia, or any of the rest of this drivel.  Duh.

The only thing worse than your logic is your manners.  I
have snipped away most of what you wrote, because, well...
it didn't really say anything.  Your attempt at constructing a
creative flame was pitiful.  I mean, really, stringing together a
bunch of insults among a load of babbling was hardly effective...
Maybe later in life, after you have learned to read, write, spell, and
count, you will have more success.  True, these are rudimentary
skills that many of us "normal" people take for granted and that
everyone has an easy time of mastering.  But we sometimes forget
that there are "challenged" persons in this world who find these
things more difficult.  If I had known, that this was your case then
I would have never read your post.  It just wouldn't have been
"right".  Sort of like parking in a handicap space.  I wish you the
best of luck in the emotional, and social struggles that seem to
be placing such a demand on you.

You are hypocritical, greedy, violent, malevolent, vengeful,
cowardly, deadly, mendacious, meretricious, loathsome, grim,
belligerent, opportunistic, barratrous, contemptible, criminal,
fascistic, bigoted, racist, sexist, avaricious, tasteless, idiotic,
maniacal, illegitimate, harmful, dumb, evasive, double-talking,
lame, self-righteous, conspiratorial, satanic, fraudulent, nasty,
disgusting, lewd, repulsive, disagreeable, spiteful, threatening,
libelous, bilious, splenetic, spastic, ignorant, clueless, perverse,
devious, revisionist, narrow, manipulative, hateful, paternalistic,
fundamentalist, dogmatic, idolatrous, unethical, cultic, diseased,
suppressive, controlling, restrictive, censorious, deceptive, dim,
stifling, dyspeptic, despicable, uncaring, weird, crazy, dishonest.,
secretive, unsympathetic, jargon-spouting,  malignant, demented,
brain-damaged, imbecilic, insane, arrogant, deceitful, aggressive,
mind-numbing, abrassive, poisonous, flagrant, self-destructive,
abusive, socially-retarded, vile, puerile, and Generally Not Good

You are a fiend and a coward, and you have bad breath.  You are
degenerate, noxious and depraved.  I feel debased just for knowing
you exist.  I despise everything about you, and I wish you would
go away.


The Jon-a-thug noBalls Memorial Killfile
Hide the children; it ain't pretty.