"... a living matrix or grid of energy that

continually transforms molecular combinations

holographically filling the mold or blueprint of its

function to create ..."


The Age of Empowerment

by Matthew Webb
Posted Tue, 9-Jan-2001

At this moment many different meditational and prayer-centered
organizations around the world are using group focus to bring
about global change. Some meditate for peace, and others pray for the
intercession of Divine forces. This is being done to place humanity once
again on an evolutionary course. Some groups meditate upon creating a
coherence  of mind, others upon peacefulness and wisdom among our race.
Still others use a silence of mind to calm the modern chaos and conflict.

Regardless of the methods of various practices, or the credentials of
their spiritual leaders, the essential point to realize here is that humanity is
awakening out of a 3000-5000 year slumber. This collective sleep came
upon us as we left natural ways and laws.  It has cast a shadow upon all the
products of civilization.  Only now is there a significant dawning of the new
Age, which is actually the most ancient of all knowledge and practices,
at its foundation.

What is being realized is that there is a higher order in the universe,
than that imposed by martial regulation. There exists a higher law
than the edicts of courts, judges, popes or presidents. This law is
higher because it is the very source for human existence, as well as
all of life and existence itself. The highest law of all is structured
by natural and spiritual design. The greatest means for success in
life is therefore through natural and spiritual principles. Natural
laws and spiritual principles are in essence one in the same thing.
They are both ways of referring to the Cosmic Order we must all
recognize, or suffer the consequences of wrong Intent, (extinction).
There are a great many among us today, who are realizing that
what we need is a unity of spiritual Intent.

Our collective effort and focused group determination, is exactly what is
required at this moment in history. Very soon, the days of individual and
competitive effort will end, one way or another. In the future they will be
remembered as obsolete and even primitive. True social progress will in the
near future, be defined as progressive and mutual spirituality. Our unity
of spiritual focus will render the sweetest fruits that humanity has ever
known, in the form of compassionate relations, dynamic community
living, and the sharing of resources. In greater enlightenment, people will
directly perceive the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of all humanity, in all
places upon the globe. All of this will take place through one singular
means in the elevation of consciousness, at a grass-roots level of society.
Groups around the world dedicated to the expansion of consciousness,
act as sparks igniting the spiritual fire of global illumination.

Natural and spiritual laws tell us that the purpose of life is growth, change
and constant evolution. Humanity is still very much in the midst of this
evolutionary process. We are growing and becoming more than we ever
were, (or at least this is the human potential, and most fundamental need).
Our brain capacity and conscious potentials are such, that we have the
option to choose the path of our own destiny. But this capacity for free
will comes with a price. It is ours to choose, yet we must choose wisely or
suffer mass destruction forged by our own hands. There is a broad range
of possibilities open to us, but only within the parameters of natural law.
Outside of these parameters we may not stray for long, because the Universe
has its own organized purpose. We may not defy this purpose indefinitely.
This means that free will is not the whole equation of human mental
capacity. We must be more than merely intelligent, we must also be wise.
Wisdom is none other than the application of truth in ones' life.
The greater this application becomes, the greater is the resulting wisdom.
Wisdom tends to be the bi-product of natural living, since nature operates
directly upon Truth. In our free will, the acquisition of natural wisdom is
necessary. We may then make the choices which sustain all life, and not
just the benefit of a few.

When we follow the natural design, the choices we make are evolutionary.
This means that our decisions result in the inner and outer growth of the
human being. We are becoming conscious members of Cosmic citizenship.
When this happens we become more than just the citizens of nations, or
members of a given culture, religion or ideology. By adopting natural and
spiritual laws as our guiding system of living, it is then that the whole
universe becomes the place of human creation and contribution.


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