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  • Las Vegas Weekly - September, 2002 (submitted by periodicaltasks)
    "If their recent repeated assaults on our shores pay the popularity dividends they deserve, then this may be the last time Ash have to warm up someone else's crowd."

  • '50 bands to see before you die' - Q, September, 2002 (submitted by titus182)
    "From the hyperactive thrash of Burn Baby Burn and Girl From Mars to the arms-aloft and unabashedly feelgood vibes of Shining Light, Ash are a band who are, quite simply, enjoying their moment."

  • Hotpress Cover - August, 2002
    "It's all about broken down tour buses, Alan Partridge, high speed collisions, Moby, broken ribs, Mina Suvari, MTV stars and David Bowie as Ash launch a sonic assault on America. So riddle me this: can Ireland's hardest-working rock'n'roll outfit crack the big one?"

  • Kerrang! Cover - August 2002
    ""Aren't babies cute?" she asks.
    Are you getting broody?
    "Yes. Do you want to help me out?"
    Charlotte Hatherley says things like this all the time, to everyone. She'll tell you that she's off to play with her "fanny fiddle" - "get it right if you're going to put that in the piece""

  • Tav's US diary - Spring/Summer, 2002
    "Ash are now a different band from the one that first landed on the East Coast of America. Back then they would vomit in expensive hotel swimming pools, stay up drinking all night and turn up drunk for a whole days worth of interviews, then moan at me for making them work too hard!"

  • Ash don't make it easy on themselves - March, 2001
    "Ash have been forced to concede half the writing credits on a new track for using a sample of a Burt Bacharach and Hal David song."

  • Ash - Mature beyond their years - March, 1996
    "Infectious managing director Korda Marshall says, "We're aiming at the top three and would be confident of a number one if we were not competing with new releases from The Cranberries and George Michael."" - regarding the imminent release of '1977'

  • Tim remembers Ash's very first gig
    "Those nights are as memorable as playing with U2 or at Reading or whatever."

  • Charlotte recalls her first week as a band member
    "It was totally weird. My first gig with Ash was in Belfast at the Limelight and it was absolutely mad."

  • Tim on why Kurt Cobain and Phil Lynott are his two main homeboys."
    "It was a thrill meeting Philomena Lynott. She's invited me out to their house in Sutton to play Phil's guitars and stuff which I'll definitely do"

  • Tim wheeler fanatic Ruby Perrera writes about the night she met Tim, and saw Ash in action - funny!"
    "My desire to be Tim's Girl From Mars got the better of me as I made my final bid for his attention, removing my very attractive pink lacy bra and hurling it at his feet."

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